Some Basic Info On Bettas

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    fighting fish can be keept with cheery barbs in a large planted tank ph from 6 to 7.5 soft water is best for fighters to be in top condition food live brine shrimp live blood worms and adult brine shrimp and white worms the dont really eat flake food can be kept with bristle nose catfish fif tank is big as bristle nose can get to 13 cm males should NOT BE PUT TO GETHER EVER easy to breed 3 females to one male once they breed take the female out and leave the male to look after nest fry will hatch in 24 to 48 hours depending on water temp the male looks after the fry for 5 days then he should be taken out of tank feed the fry on marine rottefers for first food then micro worms then baby brine shrimp as the grow the fry should be put into jars as males will start to spar in 3 months of age use lots of floating plants like duck weed or riccia
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    There are a lot of really good guides to keeping and breeding bettas here already. I would suggest you give them a read.

    I also highly recommend punctuation, makes it much easier to read;)
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    i have read most of them and i will thanks i made this post as alot of people where asking alot of questions about betta;'s and given that i have been breeding them for 17 years i thought i would give some info
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    if u want to know what i was getting at just ask
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    that kind of defeats the purpose of a guide if you have to ask questions about it.
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    true i tryed to make it clear and informatif clearly it didnt work out that way
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    The basic care sheet: Betta Care Sheet

    Introduction to bettas: Welcome to the Betta Section!

    Bettas can and do eat flakes, but you should watch the ingredients -- many "betta" flake foods have a lot of plant material.

    There is more to breeding bettas than plopping them in the same tank and taking the female out after the spawn.

    There are tons of foods that work for bettas, not just the ones listed. Live foods are good, and it works well to have different foods on a feeding rotation.

    The tremendous amount of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes makes any valuable information in here difficult to understand or trust.

    Please see the links above as well as the other sticky topics in the betta section! :)
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    Tannins are a great way to help keep PH at healthy levels for betta fish, but they do darken water color.