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  1. 1hawaii50 Member Member

    I am selling my CO2 Art Ultimate CO2 Aquarium System. I purchased this kit brand new a little over a year ago and never installed it. I've since sold my aquarium and no longer need it. Everything is brand new, never been installed. You will get:
    1 - Dual Stage regulator with solenoid and gauges
    1 - Bubble Checker
    1 - Electronic PH Controller
    1 - Electrical plug kit
    1 - Section of tubing
    1 - Bubble counter with check valve
    1 - 80mm atomizer
    I also have an empty 10lb aluminum CO2 tank that I will include for a local sale.
    I'm open to reasonable offers.
    I bought this kit for 250GBP ($320 U.S. Dollars). I am asking $235 shipped/paypal within the Continental U.S. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.

  2. 1hawaii50 Member Member

    Price Drop....$235 shipped....
  3. 1hawaii50 Member Member

    Somebody make me a reasonable offer on this....I've gotten out of the hobby, and I have no need for it.
  4. 1hawaii50 Member Member

    $200 shipped...just in time for Christmas!
  5. 1hawaii50 Member Member

    Still nobody @ $200 shipped?
  6. Natalya Well Known Member Member

    I pm'd you a while ago, guess you did not see it... Is there a max tank size it can be used for? I have 55g, if it will work, I want it
  7. Thurgood11 Member Member

    I sent you a pm as well
  8. 1hawaii50 Member Member

    Sorry, been out of the country for the past 10 days... You may/may not need a different atomizer, depending on tank size, otherwise everything should work fine.
  9. 1hawaii50 Member Member

    PMs replied to.
  10. Natalya Well Known Member Member

    Well, I still did not get a pm, but if you decide from the timing of our pms that I Will be the one to get it, email me at
  11. 1hawaii50 Member Member

    Natalya, email sending now.
  12. 1hawaii50 Member Member

  13. Gersh Member Member

    Glad to hear mate. I've been following this hoping someone would help you out.