sold old tank and need help buying a new one

  1. jwokmuba2 Well Known Member Member

    we are adding to our family soon and the time and money just wont be available, so i decided to sell my 75g and buy a smaller more maintainable 5,10, or 15g tank, stock ideas are maybe a single puffer, betta, or something else...

    anyway just need advice on what brand to buy and what experiences everybody else has had with there smaller tanks...

  2. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    It really depends on what you want to do with the tank. I actually thing that a good size would be either the 10 or the 15. You could put a Betta in either one with a few a small school of tetras, a snail, or a few shrimp.The bigger the better as far as I am concerned.... that way the fish you have will be a little happier.:;juggle

  3. CichlidSWAGA Well Known Member Member

    Im not positive on the size of tank you need for wild bettas but at my LFS the guy is breeding them in a 15g not sure which type they are. Very cool looking fish!
  4. jwokmuba2 Well Known Member Member

    i think i would also like to try my hand at planting, but that takes alot of time just like the 75g did.....ugh, so confused, and i am leaning towards a 10-15gal

  5. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    You can make things as complicated or as simple as you want to, it is your choice. I am not very knowledgeable about planting, but I have all my tanks planted but my African Cichlids ( cause they eat the plants ). But I have gravel and I have plants in the gravel, some of which are still in the pots. I feed them once a week; see simple. Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves trying to make somthing to complicated.
  6. jwokmuba2 Well Known Member Member

    yes i agree, sometimes the simpler the better, but i just would like a natural looking tank thats easily maintained.
    i think someone told me that when your plant mature they help keep the tank clean....
  7. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    plants in a small tank are not really that hard, actually they get a bit easier. Check out Akari's threads on her planted small tanks, I don't think she has ever had anything bigger than a 10.

  8. jwokmuba2 Well Known Member Member

    well pirahnah3 i will, thats good to hear, but the other question i have is what tank should i buy, fluval chi, less expensive brand....kinda like to get a glass tank i dont like acrylic, and i was kinda looking at bowfronts. i bet a 15 or 20 gallon bow would look great planted with a betta and some corys.....
  9. CichlidSWAGA Well Known Member Member

    i think that would look sweet!
  10. LockedBox Member Member

    Hailea makes some pretty nice tank kits, but I don't know if they are available outside of the asia pacific. But if you do come across them I would highly recommend them. I have had a FA 400 for about 3 years now and its works great. It comes with a built in filter and lights which are all built into the unit. It's very quiet and the water is always clear, there is also lots of room to put filter media and it's designed so that you can replace the provided media with a different kind if you want to. The intake and spray bar are positioned to give it very good circulation. It produces a bit too much current for a beta though, but it is perfect for a DG or honey gourami.

  11. lorabell Well Known Member Member

    Hey u!!!!!Been a long time...glad to hear the family is getting larger, Congrats!!!!!! Just wanted to offer a little something for thought......the tank u have is awesome.....and already bought and paid matter what size u have u still have to do maintanance,fish food .....etc......just a little more water usage of course.....bigger is way better.....IMO.....why not just leave things as they are??????Its already there....we all mostly have more trouble with the smaller ones than the bigger ones.....unless of course u really need the space for the new addition?????? LOL......I really am trying here!!!!!!! Good luck whatever u decide......and plants arent cheap either!!!!!!! LOL...
  12. jwokmuba2 Well Known Member Member

    hey lorabell, good to be back , well the biggest reason for selling is the addition, keven kash, which will be here shortly, and the 75 was way to much tank for me i general. so a smaller one with less stock and less work around the tank i hope will be better. and i can move a smaller tank around easier, the 75 was to static and was to big to put it anywhere else in the house, actually the only place for it was a main traffic area and i think led to alot of my skittish fish problems. and tge floor was uneven there so alot of vibration was a problem to. anyway hopefully the smaller tank will be better
  13. lorabell Well Known Member Member

    Gotcha!!!!!! Congrats on Kevin Kash......and awesome luck on whatever u decide!!!!!!! OHHHHHHH!!!!! And dont u dare forget the pics!!!!!!!!
  14. jwokmuba2 Well Known Member Member

    sure no problem ill show it off for sure..
  15. can haz catfishies? Member Member

    i wouldnt bother with the fluval chi, i have had a few friends say they didnt like them and had problems with them
    maybe try something like this?
    my other half runs one and it is actually a nice little tank, the supplied light is ok and the filter is very quiet, she runs it as a shrimp tank with a couple of killifish i think, and i dont think my lfs have ever had any returned (as i havent been offered one free yet lol)
    for stocking i have a 10G lightly planted tank for adf's, celestial pearl danios and a female betta and it's probably the most entertaining of my three main tanks to sit and watch