Solar powered pumps?

Does anyone have one of these? And if so how well do they work for a small pond?

I read through several articles on them but most seemed to be straight from the manufacturers so they were so glowing in their praise that I am a bit suspicious

The largest 'con' that I found was that they seem to be a 'daylight only' installation, so I'm wondering if there is any point in getting a pump that only covers the daytime...
Hello Shine,

Very good question. I've never used a solar powered filter before on a pond. Do they store energy so that it filters 24/7? If not, I wouldn't recommend them.

I'll be looking forward to more responses on this

Get a 12 volt battery, a solar panel to keep it charged and a 12 volt bilge pump. Solar powered pump with night time power.
I would be hesitant, especially if it tells you daylight only installation. Remember solar power is still based on batteries storing it's power. I have solar powered LED's for walkway lights(probably a much cheaper and lower quality build then the pump version) and they have trouble storing enough power on a cloudy or gloomy day to power themselves throughout the night, usually flickering well before dawn.

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