Soil - What Do You Prefer

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by sapphire, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. sapphire Valued Member Member

    So I am gutting out every inch of garden at my house, just bought this one in August so I have no idea whats in there I just know it was totally over grown and neglected when we bought it

    I know I will need to add some GOOD soil to the ground before I start planting...Perennial Gardens/bushes and eventually some small decorative trees like Japanese Maple

    What brands do you like best?

    Eventually we will build garden boxes for vegetable growing but i can always go to local farms for manure for them (chicken poo)

  2. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    I've never tried replacing soil entirely, but we did have to improve soil when we bought the home we live in now. Where we live, we can get any amount of "bull country" compost and/ or a mixture of bull-country & leaf-compost. We tilled leaf compost into our soil and top-dressed with bull-country. The first year was a bit iffy, but each year after that we saw improvements. If I remember right, we did put topsoil in a few of the poorer areas, but we had that delivered from a local merchant. A truckload didn't go far on our 3.5 acre property!
  3. sapphire Valued Member Member

    yes i havent either...but i am hoping once i start turning it it shows me some good signs and I wont have to replace it all, but i can see balding areas so i will need to add....maybe amend
  4. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Well, good luck! It sounds like a lot of work ahead of you, but think of the sense of satisfaction you'll get!