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Tricks hackers' use you probably never heard about!

Looks like cybercriminals have turned social networking into a minefield of threats where one wrong move may have very serious consequences. Long gone are the days when you could avoid being scammed simply by using antivirus software. The more aware we are the harder bad guys are working on fooling us. And let me tell you, their techniques are getting more and more sophisticated! Have a look at some examples of the latest cyber criminals’ creations and how to avoid them.

1. Koobface (social networking worm). It gains access to Facebook profile pages and directs you to view a video that then encourages you to update your Flash player. Malicious files such as flash_update.exe and bloivar29.exe are being downloaded and installed which results in a range of visible problems, including modifications to your Facebook profile, with the immediate result being an error message to contact support. There is also the very real potential for your identity and finances to be compromised!

2. Picture files carrying malware are "planted" on social networking websites and instant messaging programs. Hackers try to convince you that your friend has sent you a message or IM to view pictures. Legitimate looking URL when clicked on sends you to an illegitimate website hosting malicious files and executables, which have been modified to appear to be genuine picture files (jpg, gif or bmp). When you download and open those "pictures"; the malware unknowingly runs on your computer. It allows hacker to take control over your operating system as well as the information in it and exposes you to identity fraud and financial loss!

3. UPS Delivery Threat, also known as Zbot. It delivers an illegitimate file when you are visiting a counterfeit UPS delivery site. Zbot has been known to distribute via email phishing and instant messenger. Upon informing you that you have missed a UPS delivery, the message urges you to view the invoice online, which in fact sends you to the counterfeit website which downloads a malicious program designed to bypass the firewall and then steal banking and personal information.

So how do we protect ourselves against all this and more?

1. Be wary of unexpected IM messages and emails urging you to open or run an attachment or download
2. Run up-to-date anti-virus and anti-spyware software with behavioural protection – such as Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus. Keep it running in the background at all times.
3. Ensure you run Smart Updates and Microsoft updates regularly.
4. If you are asked to update to a new version of a flash player or any other program go to producers’ website and download the update directly from it.
5. Organisations usually contact you by phone or mail, so when you get an email call them back instead of clicking on any links or attachments.
6. Never let your guard down, it’s better to be too cautious then sorry.

Top Threats
Below are some of the latest threats identified by PC Tools Malware Research Center:
High Risk
High Risk
High Risk
High Risk
High Risk
High Risk

The above infections can be detected and cleaned using PC Tools Internet Security or Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus.

Ask Erik

Do I need any security for my Mac? Jane

Jane, we recommend using PC Tools iAntiVirus a free application from PC Tools which offers anti-malware protection for the Mac operating system. iAntiVirus provides real-time and comprehensive system scanning against viruses and spyware (malware has been designed to detect and remove Mac specific threats and is not cluttered/bloated with signatures for Windows specific threats to keep the memory footprint and resource usage to a minimum.


Thanks so much for the great informaion. I think that a lot of people get to comfortable on the internet and forget the threats that are out there.


wow, thanks for sharing!


Good info! x

platy ben

Great info, I use msn messenger all the time and a day doesn't go by when I get a link too some "pictures", thankfully people like you educate us so I know not to click on it


Thanks for the info. Another reason to be worried about getting my daughter a computer. She's been really wanting one but there is just so much scary stuff out there these days.


Makes me glad I have my very own network operator in our household. LOL. DH is a pro techie thankfully!

Scary stuff out there for sure.

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