So you're thinking about a SW setup? We can help, but first.......

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    Hi everyone,
    Well it's about that time of year where members start to get keen on the idea of a SW setup. Great! SW is a very rewarding aspect of fish-keeping, and the visions of a healthy reef are considered to be the pinnacle of fish-keeping.

    If you're thinking about SW, then I encourage you to search the Fishlore Saltwater forums:

    There is a lot information in the forums that may already answer your questions, so I urge you to first search through and see what you can find.

    To get you started, try the stickies in the Saltwater Beginners, specifically;

    I wrote the above articles for your benefit, to share my experiences, and to give new members an insight into how one goes about starting a SW tank (specifically a reef tank), the research undertaken, and the considerations on equipment etc.

    Due to space requirements, many members are faced with setting up nano tank (30G or less), well you might find the info in the Nano Tanks Forum very useful.

    As Fishlore only has a few experienced SW keepers, it is often hard for us to get to all your questions, but often, the question has already been answered, and a search of the SW forums can usually return information that will likely answer your question.

    We're more than ready to help you, but help us help you, and have search of the forums first, it makes it a lot easier for us to keep up with your enthusiasm.

    Welcome to the salty world everyone, and we look forward to see your setups :D
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  2. EthanWell Known MemberMember

    FOWLR sounds like that is were i will go with my saltwater in 3-4 months

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