So What If You Lost Your Cycle

  1. FlutterFish

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    Well, there's a number of things that went on.

    My petsitter washed my filter media with tap water multiple times to get rid of the "algae" in it, and overfed. This caused an ammonia spike, killing my nerite snail (or it's because the petsitter placed it on its back to see if it would move, either one), which was left in the tank for a couple of days to a week- when I tested the water, ammonia was 2ppm, nitrite was 0.5/1 ppm and nitrates were at 80.

    I'm pretty sure my cycle is gone, mainly from the chlorine that got into the media. The only problem is that I'm going to sleepaway camp tomorrow and won't be back until Friday. I can't back out of it, nor can I request to come home to take care of my fish temporarily because it's in Pennsylvania. Only my mother will be here, and she agreed to take care of the fish.

    What should I do? I have Prime and Stability on hand, but my mother's probably going to be unable to do water changes because of her recent neck surgery.

    I did a 100% water change when I got home - not only because I had to move it from Brooklyn, but also because of the situation at hand - and all parameters are 0. Do you have any suggestions?

    @AllieSten you helped me with this tank's cycle, can you help with this?
  2. M

    Machine11 Well Known Member Member

    I had a similar situation happen earlier this year. The great start was your water change to get the readings back to 0

    The best thing to do while you are away is
    1) daily dose of Prime
    2) daily dose of stability
    3) minimal to zero feeding.

    Your fish can survive a week without food.

    It's unlikely that 100% of you bb was killed. The stability will just help kickstart it again
  3. OP

    FlutterFish Well Known Member Member

    Oh, thank you! I'll just have my fish fed every other day, with one feeding to minimize everything.