So what fish are you breeding?

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by ldbrown3138, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. ldbrown3138

    ldbrown3138 Valued Member Member

    I'm curious to know what fish people are working with. Are you trying to spawn the fish or did nature take its course?

    I am currently raising some turquoise rainbowfish. I have some really nice green guppies, red wag platies and red wag swordtails. I am also working with American Flagfish. My koi and goldfish are in the pond and nature seems to take its course with them as I have to thin the pond stock every year.
  2. platy ben

    platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Currently I am breeding/hope to breed soon:

    Am currently breeding:
    Neolamprologus Brevis
    Cherry Shrimp
    The Koi, carp, goldfish, comets and shubunkins are all now starting to spawn a little here and there.

    Hope to breed soon:
    Properly spawn the pond fish with my breeding mops.
    Bolivian rams OR angelfish
  3. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    current fry

    different africans

    other than the bettas, mother nature did her thing anticipation of breeding others...LOL

  4. Treefork

    Treefork Well Known Member Member

    I currently have some Krib fry. Just a mother nature sort of thing though. :)
  5. Martinismommy

    Martinismommy Fishlore VIP Member

    100% Betta Halfmoon breeder...Multi-colors are my specialty...
  6. Chris123

    Chris123 Well Known Member Member

    Breeding at the moment

    But setting up breeding tanks and grow out tanks for these fish
    Albino Brisile nose Plecos
    Albino cories
  7. btate617

    btate617 Well Known Member Member

    Fish that are growing out right now to breed down the road.

    Satanoperca Leucosticta
    Thorichthys Affinis
    Amphilophus Nourissati
    Neetroplus Nematopus
    Heros sp. 'red shoulders'
    Tomocichla Sieboldii
    Paratheraps Hartwegi
    Thorichthys Meeki
    Herichthys Bartoni
    Parachromis Dovii

    And fish that are either spawning now or that I have mature pairs of.

    Mesonauta Festivus
    Hypselecara Temporalis
    Neolamprologus Tetracanthus
    Cryptoheros Nigrofasciatus
    Gymnogeophagus cf. Gymnogenys
    Gymnogeophagus n. sp. Blue Neon
    Gymnogeophagus Australis
    Gymnogeophagus Labiatus
    Gymnogeophagus n. sp. Paso Pache
    Geophagus Steindachneri
    Australoheros cf. Scitulus
    Australoheros sp. Red Ceibal

    I think that does it for now.

  8. Valued Member Member

    Black Bar Danio (Danio sp. TW01) -- growing out
    Blue Danio (Danio kerri) -- growing out
    Celestial Pearl Danio (Danio margaritatus) -- spawning
    Fireline Danio (Devario sondhii) -- spawning
    Glowlight Danio (Danio choprai) -- spawning
    Gold Ring Danio (Danio tinwini, Danio sp. TW02) -- spawning
    Green Barred Danio (Barilius pulchellus) -- growing out
    Hikari Danio (Danio sp. hikari) -- spawning
    Kedah Danio (Danio abolineatus var tweediei) -- growing out
    Leopard Danio (Danio rerio var. frankei) -- spawning
    Moustached Danio (Danio dangila) -- growing out
    Ocelot Danio (Danio kyathit - Spotted morph) -- spawning
    Orange Finned Danio (Danio kyathit - Striped morph) -- spawning
    Panther Danio (Danio aesculapii, Danio sp. TW03) -- growing out
    Pearl Danio (Danio albolineatus) -- spawning
    Rose Danio (Danio roseus) -- spawning
    Spotted Danio (Danio nigrofasciatus) -- growing out
    Zebra Danio - Wild Type (Danio rerio) -- spawning

  9. s

    samNfish Valued Member Member

    I am breeding various colour strains of guppies averaging 30+ fry a drop from 9 females! Have 1st batch of swordtail mollies born on mothers day! With more on the way! And have yet for the platies or balloon molly to drop =) but all seems to be going well! (please could someone check my post on setting up 35litre from a running 54litre?!) hehe! Hope everyones breeding goes well!
  10. Gouramiguy17

    Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    I have bred cherry shrimp, guppies(that was hard), platies
    I am currently breeding kribs
    and I am hoping to get my goldies to spawn, have my rainbow cichlids spawn, and have some of my African butterfly cichlids spawn.
  11. s

    samNfish Valued Member Member

    Gouramiguy whydo you say breeding guppies was hard? Ido have a friend ask how I get the numbers I do, but I just get healthy large females and have 4 males, like I say the drops average around 30 fry, I feed with a mix of tetramin flakes, spirulina flake, and high grade spirulina powder,and ocassional dried bloodworms and daphnia. Dunno if I'm just being lucky! But seems no way hard here? =s
  12. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    I'm not breeding any fish. My convicts, guppies, and JD's do it against my advice:)
  13. platy ben

    platy ben Well Known Member Member

    I think he's being sarcastic :p
  14. harpua2002

    harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    Right now, I am breeding Apisto atahualpa, Thai mosaic guppies, Tequila sunrise guppies, neolamprologus pulcher "daffodil" (they just moved, may not spawn again for a while lol, but have spawned several times).

    Now that I have a fishroom going and can separate the fish I want to breed, I hope to breed Apisto panduro, Apisto agassizi "Alenquer", Peruvian redspotted angels (not sure if I have a m/f lol), Micropoecilia picta "red", metae cories, longfin bristlenose plecos, longfin calico bristlenose plecos, lepidiolamprologus hecqui, and Julidochromis transcriptus. Hopefully my fish will all get "in the mood" soon! :p
  15. critter_fritter79

    critter_fritter79 Well Known Member Member

    halfmoon, plakat and crowntail bettas
  16. OP

    ldbrown3138 Valued Member Member

    I am a fan of dwarf cichlids. What do you do with the extra fry?
  17. Chris123

    Chris123 Well Known Member Member

    Feed them to other fish or give them away

    Thats what do with my con fry
  18. harpua2002

    harpua2002 Fishlore VIP Member

    If this is directed at me, I am doing my best to raise their fry. I managed to get some of the A. atahualpa fry out of the display tank and am working on growing them out. The others are still with the parents and basically I'm experimenting to see if I do better, or if the parents do better even though there is a big angel in that tank. My other apistos have not spawned (YET) but I've seen the females start to color up so I'm really hopeful. If all goes well and I can get some fry to grow out, I will try to sell them.
  19. OP

    ldbrown3138 Valued Member Member

    I'd be interested in purchasing when you are ready to sell some. I really like apistos.
  20. p

    potatos Valued Member Member

    Glofish. I am not intentioanlly breeding them, whicis prohibited by copyright, but they are still prolific breeders in a community tank. I find the babies in my water change bucket and suck them out with turkey baster, then put them in a breeding met in my ten gal grow out tank. I am not breeding them, but i am raising the natural result of having a school of zebra danio

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