So, Petco is evil...

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    Also known as, I have absolutely NO self control! lol

    So, I went into Petco to get some tiger barbs for my son's paludarium since their barbs (and fish in general) tend to be smaller than anywhere else and I want the barbs small to begin with and right now they're on sale for $1 each. Needless to say, they were out of them (but I got a raincheck! YAY!). In my parusing of the aquatics section, I was checking out the filter media available for the Cascade 1000 canister filter (which I am now the proud owner of, thanks to some awesome people who sold me theirs for $20) and what should be right across the aisle, but the halfmoon and delta tail bettas. I resisted as long as I could...honest. ;) Needless to say, I got to the bottom of the rack and there was one of the most beautiful halfmoons I have seen in a VERY long time! Except for a slightly bent ray at the top of his tail fin (looked more like damage, not a deformity), he looked like he might have come from MM's stock (okay, that might be pushing it, but her bettas were THE FIRST thing I thought of when I saw this guy). :eek: So, I abandoned my pretense of looking at filter media and rushed to the check out counter with this boy. Then I got to thinking that I don't have a tank set up that could house this beautiful boy. So, I talked to the manager and asked if they could hold him for me until Saturday so that I can arrange a tank for him (I'll probably end up dividing my 10gal that's only divided three ways into a four-way divided...maybe...I might also be able to set up a 2gal hex for him with my sponge filter in it if I can get my AquaTech 5-15 working again so I can put it on the three-way divided 10gal to replace the sponge filter). They agreed and put my name on him and put him in the back room (I'm in there all the time, so they know me and know I won't flake out on them).

    So, here's a REALLY bad cell phone pic of him in his little cup. He has yet to be named (but I will be keeping with the Twilight theme unless none of the available Twilight names fit). He is a blue multi butterfly (I think that's in the right order), his butterflying is very even, and his body looks almost purple in some lights.
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    Wow! :jawdrop: Beautiful boy indeed! I've never seen anything as beautiful as him too. Nice find. Can't wait to see more photos of him after you get him settled in. Well done! Keep us updated!:;hf
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    I read your other thread - you had a good day at the pet store!

    I am intrigued by your twilight fish, which names do you already have? And are you a team jacob or a team edward person?
  4. Aquarist

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    Congrats on the new Betta BassBoneDiva! He's beautiful!
  5. OP

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    Hehe...that was the only good part of my day, believe me. I spent FIVE HOURS wrestling with a canister filter and it STILL doesn't work!

    Anyway, I am firmly on Team Jacob after seeing Taylor Lautner shirtless! :D However, the werewolf names are reserved for the otos (not sure exactly why...they just seemed to fit better 'cuz they travel around in a pack kind of and stick to their own kind, so to speak). As far as names I already have...

    Alec, Emmett, Edward, James, Jasper, and Laurent are taken by male bettas.

    Vladmir, Stefan and Charles are my albino cories. Alistair is my USD cat. The kuhlis don't have names because there aren't any INSANE vampire names! lol Those little things are STILL doing the happy dance from last week!

    The Twilight theme actually came about because my niece (now 18) teased me about being obsessed with Twilight when the movie first came out. I had never heard of the movie or the books until a friend of mine kidnapped me and forced me to watch the movie as my birthday present (I am SO anti-love story right now it isn't even funny). I ended up loving the movie and read the books in the equivelant of 3 days. I saw the movie twice in theaters, which is why my niece teases me...she saw it five or six times, including on opening night. When I told her I had some female bettas that needed names, she immediately suggested using Twilight names and it kind of stuck.

    For this boy, I was kind of thinking Amun (means "the hidden one" in Egyptian...he was the head of the Egyptian coven in Twilight).
  6. Meenu

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    I like Amun.

    With being bedbound, I wasn't able to see New Moon... but from the books, I'm an Edward girl. But my favorite character was Alice.
  7. OP

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    My favorite character (movie or books) is Emmett. :D He's just such a big teddy bear! lol Which is why my Emmett has a tank all to himself. hehe!

    I didn't get to see New Moon in the theaters either. I was not thrilled about that, but I just didn't have the funds to (was too busy setting up tanks and buying fish! lol). One of my friends is putting it on her Netflix queue though so we can have a girls' night and watch it. It's definitely a movie I'm going to buy when I can.

    Yeah, so this is why I'm a Jacob girl through and through. ;)
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    Admittedly I still have no idea about Twilight, but I'm intrigued now! Lovely new boy,l can't wait to see him when he has settled in.

    Welcome (possibly) Amun!
  9. OP

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    To give you a bit of a tease...this is the closest I could find to Amun (I think I've settled on that name). Amun's body is darker blue, not turquoise, but the overall look is the same!
  10. Algae Eater

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    I have had this happen to me EIGHT times since mid-February. Only the first one was intentional, lol. Congrats!
  11. Furallicah

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    Lol nice looking betta! Cant wait for updates.
  12. OP

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    I set up his penthouse earlier. I made a DIY sponge filter using an old betta cup from Petsmart (since they're taller and not as big around), some clean unused pillow stuffing, and gravel out of one of my 10gals that's established. I really don't like this tank, but it's all I've got for the time being. It is about 2-2.5gal. Those are live plants pirated from my 10gal that grows plants like a madhouse (I put cabomba in there maybe two weeks ago and there's already 3-4" of new growth on some of it). There's a piece of cabomba, some anacharis, some dwarf sag and one lonely piece of asian ambulia. The castle is something I bought a while ago for a different tank, then decided to get rid of that tank and it's been sitting ever since. I mainly put it in there to hide the sponger filter.

    I'm still not sold on "Amun" for his name (now that I have him home, it just doesn't seem right). He's VERY fiesty and keeps flaring at me (as much as he can in 2" of water since he's still in his cup until everything settles in his tank).

    So, here's his penthouse:

    I'll get pics of him hopefully tonight and tomorrow (tonight they'll just be blah cell phone pics...tomorrow I'll steal my dad's camera and take pics).
  13. Furallicah

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    I love that tank, it looks very much like an adventure!
  14. OP

    bassbonedivaFishlore VIPMember

    It's still kind of cloudy from filling it. lol The plants should do GREAT in there since it has a 15W CF bulb in the hood (the only flourescent bulb I had extra). :p
  15. Flyfrod

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    What about benjamin or garret? I too love the twilight series and can't wait until june 30.
    oh and your boy looks wonderful too. lol Or what about Aro
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  16. OP

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    Hmmmmmmm...Garrett might be good.

    Well, here's pics of him in his new penthouse (I call it that 'cuz it's up on the top of my rolltop desk):

    (Tested the water right before I put him in...because I used already cycled gravel in the sponge filter, it was reading 0, 0, ~5...which isn't too bad, so at least there's nitrates already going in there)
  17. Alcmiller

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    It'd be great to see some larger, higher resolution pictures of that. Man... it's fins were already like that right out of the store? that's nuts.

  18. OP

    bassbonedivaFishlore VIPMember

    I'll get some tomorrow when I get my dad's camera. The macro setting on his camera is pretty decent for taking good fish pics.

    That pic is him STRAIGHT out of his little cup from Petco.
  19. _Fried_Bettas_

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    You crazy Twilight people, I named my cat Twilight and everyone thinks it was because of that movie. Actually it followed a theme of names from prior twin sister cats named Starlight and Sunshine. I actually thought the movies were very good, I almost didn't watch them because I generally think vampire movies are either gross or silly, ie 30 days of night/buffy for example.
  20. djbrist

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    or "From Dusk 'til Dawn", as the twighlight kids go "huh?"