So Many Sea Snails!!

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    I have a 10 gallon tank that has 3 platies and 3 glofish. I also have a 3 gallon tank that has fry and some sea snails in it. Or at least it used to be some. They have reproduced so much a-sexually and sexually. There is only 1 big one so I thought it was making all of them. Turns out that I just saw a little tiny snail float at the top of the water, lay an egg and then sink down again. I can’t put down these snails, but they are taking over the tank. Does anyone know what type of snails these are? I am going to let them go in a lake, but only one they are native to.( Don’t want to kill everything else that is in there)

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    its never a good idea to introduce any creature from a tank to nature. Diseases are different between in our tanks and nature so you stand a risk of introducing outside disease.
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    The pictures are kinda bad but looks like ramshorn snails to me.

    Please don't release them into the wild because of thet possiblity of introducing diseases into the water. If you really want to get rid of them in a way that they'd live I'd happily take them off your hands. I have a tank dedicated to pest snails. I'm sure other members here would be happy to take them too.

    If you don't want them in your tank you need to start removing them now. Put some lettuce in at night and in a couple hours or in the morning remove the lettuce with the snails and keep repeating this. Just remember when they're gone you'll still have to deal with the ones from the eggs once they hatch. So I'd recommend just keep doing it even if you don't get anything until enough time has passed where all eggs should of hatched and you still haven't gotten anything for a week or two.
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    How can I give or send them to you

    Do you know any fish that will eat the snails eggs, but not eat the Platy fry or the actual snails.
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    The times I've been sent snails they were put into a baggy of water and either surrounded with newspaper or put into a tubbawear with holes in the lid and mailed out. Some have been sent with heat packs and some without. The snails didn't seem to mind much either way.

    I'm not sure what fish would do that but I read shrimp will eat the eggs. And I added some into the tank I didn't want pest snails in and removed all the adults with the method I told you and no snails hatched since I removed the last snail 2 weeks or so back. So maybe they ate them?
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    Where should I send them to?