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    [FONT=&quot]Hello guys,[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Been awhile since i postedor been on. Had to pull everything apart and dismantle the tanks. due toa move. going to be setting up the 55 again soon and wanted to drill the glassout this time. have all my fish and corals at a sitters house. (Hope i foundsuitable tank for them all.) Well when it comes to over flows, im kinda stuck.i have came across so many different styles and set ups, then i see this. Waswondering what you guys think. do you think since its moveable it wont block tomuch light? Wondering since it sits so high if i have a wave maker controls if it would flood the tank?

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    No one has any suggestions :( i know not many people have seen this or used it. just wanted to get your ideas of what you think it may work, noise levels in your opinions, any other types of over flows that work best for you. just getting all the ideas ready before i go about the drilling process.
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    I was just trying to find out if the tank was tempered or not, might have some issues drilling.
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    With that overflow you don't have to drill the bottom.
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    no im going to be drilling the back glass. as far as i can find its not tempered. and if is and does shatter gives me all the reason to invest in a larger 75 gallon. :;rocker not that i want to invest in one but if need be i will do it. going with drilling the tank because i don't trust the hob over flows.
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    Get a diamond tip hole saw, make a dam for water when drilling and go slow. Don't push too hard and place a towel on the bottom to catch the round glass and water when you get through and you shouldn't have any problems.

    If the sides of the tank were tempered, there should be a sticker on it stating this.