So If I Have A Setup Like This To Hatch Mystery Snail Eggs...

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by Homeslice, May 11, 2019.

  1. Homeslice Well Known Member Member

    See picture below. Water is filled up to just below the very top of the container, red top goes on top over the eggs to help keep them moist. This setup has worked very good for me in the past (much better it seems than just leaving them in the aquarium where the mother lays them it seems). When I did it in the past I put just a very small piece of broccoli in there to try and keep them fed. As soon as I thought all had hatched, I moved them to the main aquarium.

    Problem is I think the pumps in the main aquarium sliced up a good portion of them.

    So I would like to leave them in this container as long as possible to get them a little bigger and better able to survive in the bigger aquarium.

    Questions - how long could I leave them in this container without a water change? Maybe they are so small the put out so little waste they could go weeks or months in there, but I do not know. Also, should I put an air line in there or not needed?


  2. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    Never raised mystery snails but in my pink and blue ram tubs I change the water every day or every other day. I wouldn't want to let them sit in stagnant water, I'd probably be changing it daily with that many babies and constant feedings.
  3. gorejusdesign Valued Member Member

    If you want to use the container you should be changing the water at least every other day. I use a mesh breeder box that floats in the tank to hatch mine. Float the clutch on some styrofoam with a slightly damp paper toweling under it, then when they hatch they go right into the breeder box. Easy peasy :) You can feed them right in the box and clean up when needed. The breeder box will share the same parameters as your tank. It's a win win for me :) Good luck on all of those clutches, that's a whole bunch of baby snalies!
  4. FishGirly New Member Member

    Hi, usually I hatch the babies into one of those small aquarium kits ( the ones that are 1-3 gallons). The filters for these are usually very low powered. If they have an intake, I place an intake sponge so they don’t get sucked in). Anyways, I notice they grow faster in these tanks than if I hatch them into the normal tanks since they aren’t competing with fish or anything else for food. I don’t think the container is such a good idea sitting in stagnant water.