So I Woke Up This Morning And Noticed Something Different About My Tank

Discussion in 'Corydoras' started by 8wolff, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. 8wolffNew MemberMember

    I got up this morning to check on the baby Angel fishes we got yesterday, and I noticed this strange looking piece of something I thought may be food laying at the bottom of the tank. Only, when I moved closer to try to get a better look at it, it took off at a high speed.

    My first thought was the horror of a worm of some kind...

    But nope.

    Meet Caspian; the newest member to my aquarium. It's a Panda Cory fry.

    I couldn't believe it. I hadn't planned on breeding, and this little one was in a tank with 3 Angels, a BN Pleco and 5 other Pandas.
    To be honest, I was so excited that I tripped over the bed trying to get to my phone to take photos.

    I'm hoping it will make it to adulthood. I have it in a small tank for the meantime: the plan is for it to grow a bit and then add it back to the large tank so the other fish won't eat it. Holding thumbs!!!
  2. DoughBoy93090Valued MemberMember

    Congrats! Was he the soul survivor of the clutch?

  3. TheWanderingFishNew MemberMember

    Awww that is so sweet. Including you so excited you tripped over haha!

  4. MorosithValued MemberMember

    Congrats! The angel in my avatar was the sole survivor from a spawn of mine. If you manage to raise this guy to adulthood you'll probably remember it forever as one of your favorite fish!

  5. Brans0628Valued MemberMember

    Awe how cute congrats!!!!
  6. 8wolffNew MemberMember

    Guys, I have news! Screenshot_2019-04-26-11-48-15.png

    Found it this morning.

    @DoughBoy93090 I thought it was...


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  8. Brans0628Valued MemberMember

    That’s awesome!
  9. blue velvet keeperWell Known MemberMember

    this is cool but it makes me mad that i am trying to breed mine but i cant
  10. 8wolffNew MemberMember

    I just found a third one this morning o_O :p
  11. 8wolffNew MemberMember

    Oh dear. Keep trying though, I'm sure you'll get it right :happy:
  12. DoughBoy93090Valued MemberMember

    Congrats! It reminds of 101 Dalmatians!

    We’ve got another one!
  13. AntonianNew MemberMember

    Congratulations I’m in a similar situation right now! I have 3 as well all by surprise and am completely new to breeding in general.
  14. 8wolffNew MemberMember

    :emoji_laughing:Certainly seems to be heading that way :emoji_sweat_smile:
  15. 8wolffNew MemberMember

    Oh gosh! We're in this together XD
    Totally my first time too :emoji_slight_smile::emoji_upside_down:
    Congrats to you too!
  16. AntonianNew MemberMember

    If I may ask what have you been feeding them so far? I’m considering trying to hatch brine shrimp but lack the time or space to do so. I’ve been using first bites and some freeze dried baby brine shrimp thus far.
  17. 8wolffNew MemberMember

    Sorry for the delay in response =| I suddenly inherited 3 kittens that my Dad saved off his construction site...
    I feed mine Tetramin Baby and occasionally Brine Shrimp (they've had it once so far).
  18. AntonianNew MemberMember

    Well congratulations on the new additions to your family! I managed to buy an easy no to use brine shrimp hatchery and have been feeding them a mix of brine and micro flakes. I can see a noticeable difference in the growth after starting to use live brine and definitely think it’s worth the time.
  19. 8wolffNew MemberMember

    Thank you. I will definitely look into that :)
  20. 8wolffNew MemberMember

    Here is an update on my first-ever fry 20190515_185427-1.jpg
    Left: Triton
    Middle: Moby
    Right: Caspian

    All 3 are still doing well, and growing really quickly. The markings by their tails and dorsal fins are coming along (Caspian's are already filled out) and it won't be long now until they're added to the big tank.