Funny So, I Thought I Had A Sick Oto...


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So, I had been out of town for 12 days (to visit my brand new grandson. I had my husband do a water change half way through my visit *which is a whole other long story.) So anyway... while I was doing a huge water change once I got home, I noticed 2 of my 4 Otos side by side on the glass. One was MUCH smaller than the other by about 20%. So I assumed he was sick and had not been eating. I examined him closer to see if there were any other signs of illness. He had a plump little belly and looked perfectly healthy to me. So I tried to compare him to the other 4 Otos in the tank.

WAIT! Other FOUR?! I now have five Otos. So it would appear that some hanky panky has been going on in my tank while the lights are out.

I have no idea how a fry could survive in the tank. I have rainbows that are like toddlers. Anything in the tank goes straight into their mouths and I do not have a sponge on my filter intake. So this little guy must be strong and healthy.

Now, I’m a proud mama and grandma!


Congrats on the addition Oto’s are sneaky like that, I started with 6 & now have around 14/15!

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