So I Bought Clown Pleco (l168) Online

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    So I just bought a couple of Clown Pleco (L168) for my four foot tank to help with the algae growing in the tank. I find it funny that I can actually order fish online and have them sent to me by courier. I have the tank setup with 3 pieces of wood for them to rasp on once and they are a number of good hiding spaces, I have a couple of breeding caves for them to hide in though I don’t know if I will get a male and female.

    I have good water current but I am thinking of getting a second filter to augment the canister filter I have now. Currently I have 4 corydoras and 3 clown loaches in the tank.

    I plan to get sinking algae food and some sliced cucumber to supplement their diet, but I wonder whether there is anything else I can do for them?
  2. Feesh404 Well Known Member Member

    Personally, I feel your aquarium seems fine (show picture for a visual). Cucumber and/or most veggies will work as well!

  3. JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    cucumber , zucchini , algea wafers is perfect for them.

    also just letting you know clown loaches should be in bigger groups 6+ being best and so do corys they need 6+ as well to really bring out their personalities and come out more.
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  6. Piaelliott Well Known Member Member

    Beautiful pleco!!!!

    Just saying, in the U S, a P. maccus is generally known as Clown pleco. Could be confusing and people might tell you that your pleco eats mostly wood :)
  7. Cruise Member Member

    All good Piaelliott. I am researching if I can get some BN plecos and if they can live in the same tank as the clown's or would they be territorial and fight. The tank is four foot long by 1.8 feet deep (front to back) so there is plenty of ground for them to exist.


  8. Piaelliott Well Known Member Member

    I have a BN pleco, feisty thing. My tank is 36 x 16 in.and he frequently zooms around bulldozing my kujljs and everything g out of his way, only half grown yet.

    Your plecos are algae eaters, I would add more cories they are very social and your clown loaches will get humongous.
  9. Cruise Member Member

    So I got my fish today by courier and I am so excited. I need to apologise for the state of my glass only after I took the photos did I see the splotches of algae, these have since been removed (ugh)

    The box that came in


    I had a photo of them in the bag while still in the foam box but it didn't come out. One was quite feisty to get out since they have traveled from interstate.
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    I can't see any pictures.

    Congrats on your new fish.
  12. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Photobucket now expects you to pay for the privilege of posting or linking photos to other websites. I would recommend just uploading the images directly, or using another photo sharing site.

    No one has mentioned the fact that the Corydoras are not vegetarians, and need some protein in their diet. Worms or shrimp pellets would be better for them.
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    Yes I tried to upload them as per usual, will workout something and go from there. Shame about photobucket, will look elsewhere for my photoneeds in the future. I tried imgur and that seemed to work.

    What does everyone use to upload their photos?
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    Can't see the pictures :(

    I just upload directly from phone/iPad, press the + right next to text entry area and enter from there (I use the app, not the website, not sure if it's different).

    Clown pleco and butterfly pleco are two different species....
  15. chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    Clown and Butterfly are common names, and can be applied in any way the seller desires. Usually, Panaqolus maccus is the most common species of Clown Pleco, but certainly not the only one. L168 is a specific named species, Dekeyseria brachyura, and is usually sold as a Butterfly Pleco. But there is nothing that obligates a seller to label either fish by those common names only. Liveaquaria is known for misleading labels/names, so anything purchased there needs to be researched thoroughly.

    The fish you received do appear to be L168, so it is relatively easy to research. A slice of zucchini or cucumber will give them a supplement to their actual algae eating activities. Algae wafers will also work. Those splotches of algae are exactly what you bought those fish for. Once they get comfortable, you will be surprised at how quickly it disappears. Vegetarian fish need a lot of food, as they have to eat almost constantly to get what they need to grow and thrive. L168 is considered an omnivore, and will likely also feed on some of the meatier pellets and tablets you should be feeding for the Corys.

    The difference in diet is important, as L168 are primarily algae eaters, while P. maccus primarily feed on wood. And while the L168 may chew on it, they will only do so occasionally to help digestion.

    It is a beautiful species when mature, I hope they do well for you.
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    Thank you. I had one of mine munching on a piece of wood last night. I have API Bottom Feeder Shrimp Pellets and Api algae eater wafers. Everyone loves the Shrimp Pellets and seem disinterested in the algae wafers, I had a Pakistani loach with one Shrimp Pellet in its mouth trying to swallow it whole.

    I bought a cucumber yesterday and sliced it length ways, I weighed it down and put it in the tank, no one has any interest in it. When I get home tonight if its still uneaten I will take it out
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    Here is a direct link to the website I ordered my fish from, I have never had them before, they are new to me.
    Butterfly Clown Pleco L168