So How Many Angels?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by booboo7336, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. booboo7336

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    Cycling two tanks and am making my 46 gallon for mostly angels. Following the guidelines of 1 inch per gallon, whats the suggestion on numbers. My thoughts were getting three but I heard the third may get picked on. Just two make sense or could I get four as long as I don't overcrowd which I won't do??????

  2. Gunnie

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    4 angels would probably be fine in your tank if they didn't form any pairs. I have 5 angels - 2 pair and an odd 1. The 2 pair fight and spawn on each side of the tank. I never get any babies probably because they are all in the same tank and eat them. If you could live with only having 2, that would probably be the best and easiest way to. Then you can add other fish that get along with and compliment your angels.
  3. Isabella

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    The worst part though is that there is no way to distinguish between male and female angels ... until they spawn, or not, if they're not a pair. Long ago, for a while I thought that I had either 2 males or 2 females since they fought each other for some time. I was lucky enough to have discovered that they're a pair. And these were the only 2 angels I ever got. The fighting stopped as well, and never happened again.

    Gunnie, do you think 2 males or 2 females would fight? Or would they live in harmony as a pair does?
  4. Butterfly

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    At the moment I have five males in the 75 G and they did pick at each other for a while but now they do just fine. but I think having so much room to swim and claim territories helps.
  5. Jason

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    Ohh Poor odd one out ;)