So... hair grass


So, I've been looking into plants for my 50 gallon tank. I'd like a carpeting plant that can stand medium light and no C02 injection.
Recently took a look at Hair Grass and my first impression of it is pretty positive so I thought I'd check in and see if anyone with experience with it has anything to say.

My lights I'm pretty sure are moderate lighting for a tank of this size, the temperature is going to be high 70s F, and I'm using Fluval Planted substrate.
The extent of my skill with aquatic plants at this point is pretty much keeping Hornwort alive but I've been able to keep most terrestrial plants successfully.

I intend the tank to be a fish & shrimp community tank and want to provide the shrimp with decent cover. Not sure how well Hair Grass would do the job but I'm also looking into larger plants.

I'd love to hear suggestions, opinions, and recommendations.


Growing a good thick carpet of hairgrass is almost impossible without CO2. You might manage it using a dry start method, but then you run the risk of it dying off when you flood the tank (which is what happened to me in my big tank- I ended up pulling out a ton of brown, dying hairgrass after about four months).


This is kind of a older post but I have dwarf sag in my tank and it looks good with no co2


Hairgrass won’t grow without co2. Microsord looks similar and does fine without it though. Same as dwarf sag.


Here is one of my tanks without CO2:
(not only is this ugly, it's honestly quite disgusting to clean lol)

Here is one of my tanks with CO2:

CO2 is essential for dwarf hairgrass!!!

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