So excited i have Platy fry

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by lindsey29, Jun 12, 2016.

  1. lindsey29

    lindsey29New MemberMember

    Hi i had to tell people that would actually be interested my family think im a crazy fish lady  anyway i bought some platys 7 days ago 1 male 3 female there in my 29g long (over stocked) tank 5 days ago i noticed a female hiding in my java fern when i looked closely i noticed two babys under her i managed to get her into a plastic breeder box where she had 5 more i left her for an hour and she had no more so i let her back out, i transfered the babys to a 25cm fry net box thingy they are doing fine but i normaly do two 30% water changes a week ive missed 1 aready as i dont no if ill harm the fry? My waters are all good 0,0,10 ive got two fluval u4 filters runing and its sand substrate with live plants. i do have a 14g to put them in once ive resealed it but ill also need to cycle it, will the fry be ok in the fry net in my main tank for the next 3/4weeks? Untill my other tanks sealed and cycled
    In my tank ive got
    7 zebra danios
    7 gold barbs
    4 platys
    1 bn plec
    1 weather loach
    5 platy fry
    Heres sum pics

    Sorry shud have said im upgrading my tank to a 75g in the next few months
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  2. Nicoldeme

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    Keep the fry in the box, they'll do fine. Do you have fry food? If not, crush whatever you give your adults in a fine powder (Some people put it in plastic bags then grind) or go and buy Hikari First Bites. Continue water changes as normally, it won't hurt fry unless you pour your new water directly onto them. Congratulations on fry! I never got to see my platys birthing, they never showed any signs beforehand :(
  3. OP

    lindsey29New MemberMember

    Ah great thanks ill do that, they eat crushed flakes and nibble on the plants, i noticed she wud dissapeare then id find her sitting on bottom of tank in the plants next to the large rock under the filters but i thought she was just abit stressy after coming home from pet shop ive noticed the micky mouse one doing the same now so gonna keep an eye on her incase shes next i didnt realise how exciting it is waiting and watching haha
  4. kingguppy9000

    kingguppy9000Valued MemberMember

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