So Confused... (ammonia)

Sam M

Okay, This is frustrating.
I’ve been using a mix of stability and prime to cycle my 45 gallon tank. The filter that I have on this tank is a marineland 400 emperor.
Currently in this tank I have two small goldfish (if I had a different place to put one of them so it could lower the bioload I would, but unfortunately I can’t right now) and I’ve been attempting to cycle this tank via stability for a little over two weeks now.
I use API master test kit, but it says that the ammonia is at greater than 8ppm
I’m unsure of what to do. I followed the instructions correctly and did everything right- I’m sure it should have worked? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am giving a healthy dose of prime everyday.

Cori Elizabeth

How many water changes have you done and how much each time did you take out?
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Sam M

So far I’ve done three, about 25-35% each time. Should I be doing more?


8ppm is VERY high for two small goldfish in a 45 Gallon tank!!

What is your pH? if it is above about 7 then potentially that level of ammonia is quite toxic to your fish.

Have you tested your source water for ammonia?

How much are you feeding them?

If the ammonia is really that high, and your pH is above 7 then you need to be doing some serious water changes to get the level down (provided the ammonia is not in your source water). I'd be doing a 50% change followed by another 50% change after maybe four hours, That should get it down to around 2ppm (which is probably still too high, depending on pH, but a lot better than 8ppm).

edit: be careful if tank pH is low and your tap water ph is a lot higher than the tank pH, as if you raise the pH significantly the ammonia present will become more toxic. The toxicity goes up as pH goes up.


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