So angry! Friend STOLE my fish!

lance danio
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With friends like that you don't need enemies.This is petty period and immature on her part.
Kuddos 2 U
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Vengeance would be my first move if any of my friends did that to me. All I would do is go overto their house and take it back, even if its just a measly fish because they shouldn't have taken it if it wasn't theirs and I would tell them to get their own and to if they wouldn't stop bothering me about it. Another plan(before taking by force) is by buying a fish that looks almost the same as the fish they stole, go to the house and switch them when they aren't looking. I would hide it in my coat pocket or sleeve or find someway. Either way, that's messed up, especially when their are numerous ways to get fish.
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You lost a person who didn't deserve the title "friend" but you have all of us, who really ARE your friends.
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It's always my posts that get removed cuz i'm too gangster lol. I woulda stormed thru and took what was mine and dared her to call the cops. Wheres her proof? From what it sounds I don't thing she's that smart. Anyway is the cat registered in your name? If so you can automatically get it back. For your friend to steal your fish and other animals because of the sake of a baby who probably hasn't developed attachments toward things is just crazy. I hope her kids don't grow up like that. But then again just let the Lord and that pretty little lady called karma handle it. Your patience is so good and good luck to you.
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You lost a person who didn't deserve the title "friend" but you have all of us, who really ARE your friends.

Awwww. This made me smile. lol Sad part is I really do consider you all my friends. I spend more time on here than I do with the people I know in RL.
Kuddos 2 U
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We are all with you all the way and if you need some support, we will be their for you
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Just an update:

I got word today that the cat my ex-friend stole from me passed away this morning. They said she noticed him limping, lethargic, and not eating yesterday and was gonna call the vet first thing this morning. She woke up this morning to find him dead. She took him to the vet to get cremated and asked what could have happened and the vet said without an autopsy the best they can come up with is that he was either hit by a car, fell out of a tree, or had some other blunt trauma that caused internal damage. We always fought when I lived there because she would let him outside and I didnt want that. Ultimately that's what killed him.
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That's so so sad.
I'm really sorry.
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I'm so sorry about your kitty. :console:
lily potter1223
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Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry about your cat.

I hate people who are like that. I have a friend that always steals my stuff when she comes over. And she tries to steal my friends too! She wants us to be best friends but we're not and she tells me that I'm not allowed to hang out with my other friends. So pathetic!
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just go over there and say ur son wanted my cat and ur son wanted an orange fish so u took mine well I want ur fighter so seeing as this is imature and you think you can take wat is not urs then I'm gunna do the same I want your fighter so I'm taking it n just take it and walk out n turn round n tell her to stick the god mother stuff up where the sun don't shine and give her something to really cry about bla that's made me mad ive got a friend who wants every fish in my tank n I'm sure if she could she'd take them but thank god my tank is never alone lol there's always some one at home
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Aww I am so sorry about the cat!! Its always hard, especially in that situation. My prayers to you!!
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I'm really sorry to hear all this!
I would talk to her and explain about why you love the fish and want it back.
Again, I'm really sorry!
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She is going to be reincarnated as an ember tetra living in a half a gallon bowl.
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I'm glad you are not considering her a friend anymore and moving on with life. Sorry about the loss of your fish, and now even the cat.
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I am beyond sorry to hear about your kitty. Never mind my first post. March over there and take the fish right back. (It's not stealing because he/she is yours!)
My heartfelt apologies and hugs during this time.
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Thanks everyone. I just can't help but blame her 100% if he had given him back to me, he would have never gotten outside and gotten hurt. I try to be a very forgiving person, but when it comes to animals being hurt in any way by stupidity it makes me so angry.
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At this point, I'd actually be reporting this as theft to the police. Enough is enough. People only treat you how you ALLOW them to treat you.
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Newsflash for her: Your child is going to have to learn to live without, eventually. Saying no once in awhile won't kill him.

Personally I would have never let them get away with keeping the cat in the first place, and if it was something the police couldn't have been brought into than I would have never spoken to her again. You're too forgiving, I hope karma gets this woman.

No, I don't think her kid will learn to live without, more than likely he'll learn to cheat and steal the way she apparently does to get what she wants. Sorry about my random input on this discussion... How ridiculous of someone to steal a fish and even more so that she thought it wouldn't be completely obvious, am I right?
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I am so sorry your friend turned out to not respect you enough to treat you or your pets and belongings with honesty and fairness. I have had a friend like that. It hurts. I don't think any form of revenge is particularly worthwhile, but leaving that kind of relationship behind is for the best. My own personal morality stance: no third chances. But mostly I am just sorry for you and your pets :c
Stay safe and good luck.
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Never ceases to amaze me how selfish some people can be. She reminds me of a former roommate who had no personal boundaries and if she wanted something it was hers for the taking in her eyes. Honestly just from reading the thread she definitely didn't deserve to have you as a friend. The fact that if she had handled it the right way you would have gone and got here a tank and set it up for her is probably the saddest part. Instead she just took what wasn't hers and pushed away a good person in the process. Unfortunately people like her never seem to learn and as stated already she is just teaching her kid to be the same way. Very sorry you had to deal with something like this twice and also sorry about the cat as well.
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I know this is an older thread but I can't help but say something.

I am so sorry about both your cat and your fish
You're a far more patient and generous person than this lowlife deserves to have in her life, and I'm surprised she managed to hold onto you as a friend for so long. If I were in your case I would have let them call the cops, it would have been them who took the hit for stealing your cat, not you, but at the same time I can understand why it would be hard, I've been in a similar situation with a best-friend of 10 years, but what made it really difficult was that she was a part of my family as well, eventually I just couldn't handle having someone like her in my life and quit talking to her, and I can honestly say it wasn't much of a loss.

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