So a woman goes up to the guy at LFS to buy fish......


The salesman says these are nice and points to some plecos or some other cat. The lady says won't they get to big for my 10 gal tank. The guy says no, they just won't live as long......She says okay, give me 4 of them. They then went to pick out some fish with colors.

The same guy then tells the next woman to go up to him that she can't just add tropical fish to her goldfish tank. So he sells her a heater.

All happened within 10 minutes.


Shame on them!!! They wouldn't' get any of my money...


I wish they would hire people who know how to take care of fish!!! Is it that hard to do?!?!


I wish they would hire people who know how to take care of fish!!! Is it that hard to do?!?!

My guess as to why this doesn't happen.

Most folks who are very involved with this hobby are more established financially. At least the ones with multiple tanks and the most experience. I know, not all, but most - it's a fairly expensive hobby.

Most jobs in the industry are minimum wage level jobs.

These two demographics doesn't usually result in experienced hobbyists applying for the available jobs.

Plus, the stores (especially the chains) may have had issues with lower sales volumes with experienced hobbyists working for them.

Just a theory.


I would have ( and have ) said something.

That's simply horrible. All of it. 4 plecos in a 10 gallon and mixing tropicals with goldfish? OMG I would have so been all over that.


I never expected that I would have anything positive to say about PETCO employees in the fish section, but here it comes:

Last week, when we were getting our 29G for 29$ (plus tax) we were behind a young lady (23-25?) with a huge doberman that was leashed, but nevertheless, was all over the place, licking everyone and everything around.

The lady had a one gallon plastic Betta container and she asked the salesclerk for two goldfish. He asked if the plastic container was for the two goldfish, and when she answered affirmatively, told her that she was making a wrong choice. She insisted. An older woman standing behind us attempted to explain the the 25-year-old about goldfish waste and the nitrogen cycle and the girl quite rudely interrupted her saying that she did not need to know about that because as a child she used to have a goldfish in a smaller bowl, and it was fine.

I told her that her goldfish might die very soon and she said: "So what? I will just buy two more. They are cheap." The store clerk brought her a small bottle of Tetra Safe Plus and API starter kit of some sort. She said, she did not need them because she has Brita at home. The clerk was quite hesitant, he did not want to pull out goldfish from the community tank, so the girl called the manager who told him to do it. End of story.


Which is why I would have a real hard time working at a pet store... sometimes I think petstores want uneducated employees because it just makes it eaaier to sell fish...

I'm not sure I wouldn't have told the girl off myself


Homer Simpson said it best: "You tried, and failed, moral of the story, don't try."
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