Snake Id Question

  1. Dave125g

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Can anyone ID this guy? 0624181116-1.jpg
  2. coralbandit

    coralbandit Well Known Member Member

    Looks like a milk snake .
  3. midna

    midna Well Known Member Member

    one you'll probably want to stay away from, lol. looks like a (northern) copperhead to me, but i'd have to see the head and tail. could be a milk snake

    edit: nah, probably a milk snake. too smooth, long, and markings are too dark. eastern?

  4. emmysjj

    emmysjj Well Known Member Member

    Were the scales ridged or smooth? The area your in usually only has 2 dangerous snakes; rattlesnakes and copperheads. It doesn’t look like a copperhead to me, though.
  5. fissh

    fissh Well Known Member Member

    Looks like a King snake.
  6. coralbandit

    coralbandit Well Known Member Member

    I still say milk snake because of this ;
    The milk snake’s “saddles” are bordered in black and are widest across the back. The copperhead’s saddles, on the other hand, are most narrow on the back and wider on the sides. They have an hourglass shape.
    Taken from ;
    They can be mean and are a solitary snake except when breeding , reaching 4 feet pretty easy .
  7. OP

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Got an ID from a trusted source. Most likely a copper head. Can't confirm without a better shot of the head.
  8. wodesorel

    wodesorel Well Known Member Member

    It's a big milksnake, I just caught one a similar size in my backyard a few weeks ago. I was so excited! He was a nutty brown though post-molt. Pre-shed they are more grey like when they are babies. Milks have that chunky colorblocking, copperheads have more of a leafy feel.

    This is my little yearling Indy for comparison. He got roughed up by the snake-fearing people who found him, so he ended up staying. (I have my state permit so I can keep him.)

    0ea22ad567d0d8e5d1be328d2a17f463.jpg 7937016573b3a135353bdb2fc3feaca8.jpg
  9. OP

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Yea I was comparing the picture to a copper head and a milk snake and it does look more like a milk snake to me.
  10. chromedome52

    chromedome52 Fishlore VIP Member

    While the Copperhead is found in New York, it is pretty much limited to the extreme southern portion of that state, and is quite uncommon as this is the extreme northern edge of their range. Subject appears to me to be a Milk Snake or one of its close relatives.
  11. DeeW

    DeeW New Member Member

    A copperhead will have slanted pupil and a milkshake will have round ones
  12. Sarah73

    Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Yup it's not a copper head.
  13. OP

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Agree I think its a milk snake.
  14. Pescado_Verde

    Pescado_Verde Well Known Member Member

    What about if they're wearing sunglasses and you can't see the pupils? Probably still dangerous, huh?