hI all
I have had a tank om=n the go now for about 6 week's
not sure on the water quantity it's 24"x12"x12"

I liked the look of real plants so I bought 6 bunches of vallis for the back of the tank ( look's great )
But now I have snails

is there a fish that eat's snails?

in the tank at the mo I have 3 sailfin mollies +9 babies ( I guess one of the fem's was pregnent when I boght her ) and two neon tailed guppies



It is a 15 gallon. Snails eat leftover foods and other garbage so they're a good addition to the tank, but you should control the population with clown loaches though.


You don't want to be putting clown loaches in such a small tank because they can grow to be 12" long .Go to your LFS and ask them for snail stop which worked for a my dad .


You can also try dropping a piece of cucumber or other vegetable in the tank at lights out. In the morning the piece is likely to be covered with snails. I prefer methods such as that to chemicals. The fish don't appreciate them very much.

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