Snails! What to do?


I have a question about snails. Do you like them? Hate them? Indifferent about them? How many is too many? How do you get rid of them?

I never intentionally introduced them to my tank,they just climbed aboard the plants I bought most likely as eggs and hatched in my tank. I was thrilled when I saw my first one,however they eventually started multiplying and I usually now have to purge once a week or so. I do find them interesting and love having them in moderation of course, too many and I find my water parameters start to suffer. I do find keeping some snails keeps the algae to an absolute minimum and the plants clean. They don't seem to bother the plants at all (by eating them) and if the Cory's don't eat all of their wafers the snails most definitely finish them off and any food that falls to the bottom. I try to keep the population to about 25 or so. My snails are small ramshorn snails

How about all of you?


Good morning CDA

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I love my Mystery Snails! Very interesting creatures.

If you want to get rid of them, you can place a piece of lettuce or a slice of zucchinI in the tank, they'll climb on it and then you can just remove it. Cucumber will work too.
As to how many is too many I'm not certain. If your cycle readings are getting out of line, showing ammonia increases then it may be time to get rid of a few.

I'm sure you'll get more responses.


Personally, I don't like mystery snails all too much. I like MTS (despite their bad rep) and Tylomelania snails.


I've put malysian trumpet snails in every one of my tanks. I prefer them to pond snails.

snails will grow to fit the tank, meaning that if you overfeed 3 times a day, you'll have thousands. If you cut back on their feeding, their numbers will eventually drop. My informal experiment showed it takes about a month of heavy feeding fot the snails to be crawling all over everything, and 3 months of minimal feedings to get them back under control. It takes so long because once the snails start to starve and die, they are eaten by the other snails.

Getting rid of them requires getting new substrate, which requires emptying the tank. Decor and filters will need to be free of snails, as well.


Oh, and my favorite snails are nerite snails. Awesome algae eaters. About the ramshorn snails, their populations should stay in check as long as you don't overfeed.


I have three Mystery Snails. They are cool but I keep them in separate tanks.


Love 'em all.


Snails are a great way to measure how your tanks are doing. Too many snails and you know your overfeeding, not doing enough substrate vacuums or maybe you have some plants dieing. In other words an abundance of food for them.
I have Malaysian Trumpet Snails(MTS), Mystery Snails, Nerite Snails and I really like them all. snails not only clean up but they keep the substrate loosened up.


I used to like them, but since the hitchhikers in 1 plant took over 3 tanks, I like them a bit less now! I am still finding some heer and there, and I do get rid of them now, I wish there was an easier way!!

A long as I keep up the purging, it's manageable. And I have no clue what type they are, except tiny!


Those are probably Malaysian trumpet snails. There is no need to get rid of them, they are perfectly harmless and could even be very beneficial - aerating the gravel and cleaning up the smaller bits of uneaten fish food. Overfeeding is the main cause of a population explosion, otherwise, they should stay in small and rarely noticible numbers.

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