Snails sneezing?

  1. janiskfp

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    I have two Chinese Mystery snails (I just unloaded 5 yesterday). They look like they sneeze, most often after a water change, sometimes not. Usually their shells lurch forward quicky, and they recover, then it happens again another 2 or 3 times. They go for a few minutes wihout doing it, and then they do the cycle again. They aren't doing anything special beforehand, just eating or "looking" for a gnosh.

    It's striking me as a signal of stress/sudden change. They "hole up" when the water's not great (I don't think I need to test my water anymore if I watch the snails.... but I will anyway.), they're still out and about, and I've tested my water and it's fine.

    Any ideas? It's really cute, but it looks uncomfortable to get bonked on such a soft head with a hard shell in the middle of breakfast.
  2. Aquarist

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    Hello Janis. I have Mystery Snails. I'm not sure if Chinese Mystery Snails are the same or not. I haven't noticed that type of behavior in mine. The link above may help you some.
    This one as well:
    If they are eating and moving around then I think it could be a good possibility that what your snails are doing is normal behavior. Many snails can live in horrid water conditions. Make sure your pH levels are above 7.0. pH levels below 7.0 are too acidic and can cause shell damage. Too, snails need calcium. I use raw eggs shells and just lay them in my tank. Zucchini is a food source rich in calcium and they love it.
    Best of luck and please keep us posted.
  3. OP

    janiskfp Valued Member Member

    thank you! I love to experiment with green leafy veggies (cooked.) Mine really love broccoli, chard, and kale (cooked to the nth degree), but the platies eat the spinach before the snails get a chance.

    I'm glad to hear it's likely normal. It really does look like they're sneezing.