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Snails snails snails

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Rebel1970, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Rebel1970 New Member Member

    Even after ordering snail free plants, I have tons of then. I believe that they are bladder snails. I have enlisted the help of assassin snails, but they aren't keeping up. Any ideas? How well does the bleach dip work, and do you dip the roots as well? Thanks I want to use some of the plants I already have in my 75 gallon tank, but I want it snail free. I realize that I might have to move the fish and just bleach the entire tank to get rid of them. I am open to that option if it comes down to that too. Thanks for any help offered.

  2. Tonia Well Known Member Member

    Hi Rebel!! Welcome!!

    I've never tried a bleach dip on my plants. Wish I had some advice for you on that.

    As far as snail killers, I have had clown loaches in tanks before although they can get quite large and I would be worried they would go after your assassin snails. There are also Zebra loaches and Banjo catfish that like snails and again, I'm not sure how your assassins would fare, you might have to house them in a different tank if you go the route of natural snail eaters.

    I have been rather lucky not to have any snails in the tank that I didn't put there.. I do have MTS and want them, so I do not keep any assassin snails or snail eaters at this time.

    Best of luck!

  3. Matt B Well Known Member Member

    I can't speak to the bleach dip as I've never done it to my plants.

    A good way to thin out the pond snails imo is to drop in a piece of lettuce at night and the next morning it should have attracted quite a few snails. Fish it out and discard the species you don't want. You can repeat it indefinitely until you're satisfied the assassin can keep up with the remainder.
  4. kinezumi89 Fishlore VIP Member

    Also, assassins won't clear the tank out overnight. I had two in a 55 and they had it empty of pest snails in a few months.
  5. monkeypie102 Well Known Member Member

    you need to realize assassins will kill about 1-2 adult snails per day and will rest the rest of the day. however the smaller the snail the more your assassins will eat. I own a group of them and I tossed 500 MTS into their snail free tank to see how fast they would eat them all (I have 3 assassins in the tank) and a month in a half later I still see at least 200 still climbing the sides of the glass when conditions are right for it... just give it some time before you take extreme measures like fish that could end up eating your assassins by mistake.

    and I have never don't it but I hear peroxide dips are good for snail removal as well... but you'd have to research it a bit
  6. Yeoy Well Known Member Member

    Just remember that bleaching your whole tank, instead of washing the plants in a dilute solution, will probably break your tanks cycle and koll the good bacteria.
  7. Lradke New Member Member

    I had the same problem. I bought some assassin snails andthey did nothing after a few months. I have a pea puffer now and it seems very happy to sit and hunt out the snails...its also the most adorable fish in my tank (sorry I have 2 girls...so words like that are the norm ;) ). The only issue is how it will treat the other fish in the tank.