Snails Snails and more snails Last count 3.5 bezillion

Discussion in 'Snails' started by fishaddict51, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. fishaddict51New MemberMember

    Have 29gal GBR tank that is over run with snails have tried lettuce, algae control that killed my plants and small clown louch.Will NO way put any more Chemicals in that tank.Tired of dipping snails out.:;soldier. Wondering if i removed 90% of the water and replaced it with steaming hot water if that would work but at the same time will it kill the bactaria in my tank?Have 10gal H/Q tank that can hold the 3 GBRs. All advice is all ways welcome.
  2. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    What type of snail? Pond, MTS, or ramshorn? My brothers tank was ran over with MTS (still is) he did the boiling water thing after I told him to give it up and but an assassin snail or clown loach but to no avail it didn't work so he is ran over again...

    In my experiance the lettuce thing is , never worked for me but my assassins are doing the job nicely :)
  3. kb9plcWell Known MemberMember

    So bezillion is somewhere between a million and gazillion, right :)

    Okay. So I have a few ideas.
    And I'm kinda assuming we are talking about pond snails?

    You could always get a few assassin snails. Assuming you don't have any snails in there you want to keep. They will oblitherate a large chunk of your population... and given enough time they may kill all of them! I'd say that is the best option if you don't want to do something severe down your tank.

    I do have another idea for baiting (like with the lettuce). The lettuce thing doesn't seem to work very well for me either. I agree with monkey. And I do have a tank with pond snails in it that I don't actually want there. Thou I did recently hear about this idea, and it seems to trap more at a crack: use a 35mm film canister with holes in the lid and some bait. Stong bait! Like straight fish food or bread or veggies. The snails will enter the baited trap and can be removed without much trouble. And I dunno about yours.... but my GBRs are pigs with fins. So this is a bonus: the fish can't get to the bait food. If you have a plethora of film canisters on hand.... put in a BUNCH!

    Or you could move the GBRs to your holding tank. Remove your filter media into their holding tank, so you minimize any issues with your cycle/beneficial bacteria. I'd probably fill the holding tank with water from your 29g just so you don't have acclimation issues and the fish might be less stressed in the process. Anddddd then tear down your whole tank. I'd only do this is you are desperate. You could use a a weak potassium permanganate solution of 10 mg/l bath on all plants, decor, substrate, etc etc. I'd probably boil all of the substrate to get any lingering eggs. Any fake decor could just be scrubbed with an untreated sponge and HOT water.

    If you don't want to tear down the whole tank, you could pull out pieces at a time and soak them for 15 minutes in the solution. Then rince them really good and put them back in. Thou that wouldn't help with anything in your substrate unless you pulled out parts of that at a time. I guess it depends on how crazy the snails are making you. :)

    Thou, keep in mind..... you'd be killing off any BB that might be living on the cleaned items in the process. So it's super important to properly preserve your filter media. Your BB primarily live in your filter and filter media.... but there is some the colonize your substrate, surface, decor, and plants (in that order).
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    If they are MTS, they are actually beneficial to your tank. I personally have some that are exploding in population, but mine is a barebottom tank and any MTS that get sucked up during vacuums just get sucked up.

    If they are pond snails and the pop is exploding, I would say you are overfeeding. I've had a few and have been able to pick them out by hand because I can keep the pop from growing by keeping tank clean of excess food.