Snails For My 36 Gallon Tank?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Ana Ally, Aug 1, 2017.

  1. Ana Ally

    Ana Ally New Member Member

    I have a fully cycled 36 gallon tank which has been up and running since March I have a total of 25 live breeders including Guppies platys and Danios, I do want to add some snails preferably just 2 just not sure I have done some research Im stuck between apple snails or mystery snails anybody have these in their Community tanks
    Would love the feedback thank you
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  2. zyyx

    zyyx New Member Member

    I truly prefer rabbit snails. They have one live baby every few months. After dealing with snails breeding like crazy, this is a much simpler solution. Not to mention they are adorable and fascinating.
  3. Kenny777

    Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

    Nerites are my fav because they don't breed in freshwater
  4. BottomDweller

    BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    Rabbit snails are my favourite snails but they need 78f+ which is too warm for danios.

    I would recommend nerite snails and/or mystery snails for your tank
  5. LittleMissSaasha

    LittleMissSaasha New Member Member

    I would recommend either nerites or mystery snails. Both in my experience haven't bred like crazy. If the Mystery Snails begin to breed it is very easy to remove the eggs (they are giant and pink so you can spot them with ease and all you do is scrape them off and put them in the freezer/crush them before throwing them away).
    Apple Snails from what I have heard can eat live plants if you ever wanted to go that route.
    Mystery and Nerite snails do not - Nerites feed of algaes while Mysterys like decomposing matter and a range of vegetables. Both come in lots of lovely colours.

    EDIT: FYI I have owned 20+ mystery snails over the course of a few years with them in various tanks with various fish. These guys are great for peaceful communities. Fish that are terrible nippers (eg Barbs) will damage the snails. Livebearers are fine with them and its lovely watching them interact.

    But do some research and find a snail you love. It is your tank. :)
  6. N

    New Fish in Town Well Known Member Member

    All of the snails that I have bought are listed as having a 1 year lifespan. They usually die after a month, or two.
  7. LittleMissSaasha

    LittleMissSaasha New Member Member

    I've have had mystery snails that have lived for over 2 years before. It's all about whether or not you feed them extra food (they usually can't only survive on algae in the tank) and how much calcium they recieve for shell health. Maybe your snails haven't been recieving enough of these factors?

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