snails for GSP

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    can anyone give me a list of good snails for my GSP's to much on ? Also, I read that they need to be de-wormed !! seriously ?? I did my research weeks brfore I got them but I just read the puffer queen's info on them , so what do I use to deworm them ?

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    those small pond snails are good to munch on(for them.. i'm not the snail eating type..)
    as for deworming.. i would find a couple wait till they laid eggs, them either transfer the eggs into something they could hatch in, or remove the adult ones, and remove ALL water then fill again(and maybe repeat, and wipe careful not to wipe the eggs) this way there are no worms in the tank to infest the babies.. don't use gravel as it's not needed and its harder to clean worms out of..

    someone please speak out if this won't work.
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    I'd go with Geltek as well, but it can be hard to find. You could also use the Jungle Buddies parasite tablets. They seem to work.

    As far as snails, pretty much the most common ones to use are pond snails and ramshorn. I'd avoid Malaysian Trumpet Snails because their shells are very hard and can damage your puffers beak.

    edit: Hey Alex! Welcome back!:;toast
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    ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes... i thought she meant to deworm snails so he didn't get worms.. :;smack
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    thanks john! good to be back :)
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    thanks guys !!!