Snails flip over?

Discussion in 'Snails' started by brodylane1122, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. brodylane1122Well Known MemberMember

    Ok, so dumb question I'm sure, but can MTS flip themselves over once they are upside down? I just got some and a few of them keep getting flipped over. I put them back and they crawl around, so they are not dead.

    I've never had any of these issues with my mystery or nerite snails.
  2. QQQUUUUAADDDWell Known MemberMember

    Yup, they can. I removed some rotala that has MTS on it from my tank and shook the MTS off. Some MTS landed on their backs. I check back 10 minutes later and the MTS are right side up and crawling away.
  3. fishaddictionValued MemberMember

    Weird never even knew they did that. How would they survive in the wild?
  4. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    Yep they St reach their bodies all the way out latch on to something and flip over...

    As for wild survival... I think its the same as in a tank... the burrow into the ground... though I have never seen a wild one... would be cool lol
  5. brodylane1122Well Known MemberMember

    Yeah, I felt it was a dumb question. But no judgement here!
  6. monkeypie102Well Known MemberMember

    The only dumb question is an unasked one ;)

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