Snail Trying To Eat Gravel Or Is It Stuck?

Discussion in 'Snails' started by jitendrakumr, Apr 14, 2019.

  1. jitendrakumrNew MemberMember

    Hi, I see a piece of gravel in opening side of Snail, attached picture, can anyone please help if its stuck and if I need to try taking it off snail or is it something normal?

    Jitendra 20190414_161754.jpg
  2. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    Hi jitendrakumr (croseo welcome) to fishlore
    Well it looks as if it's trying to est it or taking food off it,if you try to remove it you may damage him on the other hand if its stuck there you have no option but to gently see if it will come away, if he swallows it you will have problems, how long as he been like it

  3. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    If you pick him up he may naturally regurgitate it, you could try that before anything else

  4. Addie42Well Known MemberMember

    IMG_6400.JPG no
    the snails mouth is here. He's just being weird. All snails are weirdos lol... Maybe you should throw some veggies in for him anyways though. My mystery/apple snails climb up to the water line to beg for food

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  5. FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    Snails can grab bits of substrate, especially gravel, and they usually drop it once they begin to move again.
  6. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    Thought that was his syphon tube, but must have it wrong
  7. jitendrakumrNew MemberMember

    Thanks all for quick responses, this is undoubted very useful and awesome forum. It's been about 30 mins my snail has it and I noticed it after I was chaging my weekly 50% water. I will wait for sometime to see if he throws it off by himself after sometime. Bug relief to know that it's not in his mouth but I will keep an eye for some time..
  8. Addie42Well Known MemberMember

    nah mine climb up to the surface and I stick food into their mouth, which is that. I only know this bc they (the apple snails, not the ramshorn) seemingly beg for food near the surface. I tried to get a pic of them eating rn but they're busy doing snail stuff IMG_6404.JPG
  9. jitendrakumrNew MemberMember

    After waiting for some time I see snail moved and I had also dropped Algae Wafer near to him which so far he is ignoring. This is what I see and still seeing some gravel on him which I am still not sure if common- 20190414_212342.jpg20190414_212342.jpg20190414_212215.jpg

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  10. Sheena-PhxValued MemberMember

    It looks as though he has wrapped himself around it, maybe to suck off some food that we can't see. Plenty of my Mysteries have done this very thing, they use their bodies as hands to put things where they want them. I have a snail who will do this with an algae wafer, just like that rock, and then he sucks on it. They are funny little guys. I assume since this was yesterday that all is well now, but please let us know if everything turned out fine.
  11. jitendrakumrNew MemberMember

    Thanks, yes he is okay so far but I still see him trying to do something with gravel pieces, I had put even an algae biscuit near him which he simply ignored, hopefully he is just playing with gravel pieces :) ..
  12. Sheena-PhxValued MemberMember

    I'm sure he's just an interesting snail. They all have their quirks! Lol.
  13. jitendrakumrNew MemberMember

    This morning I was shocked to see that my snail was floating at top of my tank with water stream, I thought he was dead so I tried smelling but there was no bad smell, my fishes were okay so I did not want to take risk of leaving snail floating in tank so I moved him along some water to smaller container where he was still floating and I covered container with net on top thinking to check him out in evening. In evening few minutes back when I came back from work I got surprised and felt so happy seeing him no longer floating in container and sitting in bottom of it. I have moved him back to tank, there also snail has come down to bottom and no longer floating but there is no movement yet. Hopefully he is fine. I just rechecked tank water measurements and noticed .5 ammonia, 20 Nitrate and 0 Nitrite which is not bad but still I have replaced 50% water. I see fishes are still fine. Hoping to see my snail healthy and moving in morning.
  14. Sheena-PhxValued MemberMember

    I'm sure he is fine. Snails float up to the top when they get an air bubble inside of their shell. No big deal. As soon as it releases they sink down. Thst doesn't point to anything wrong and I have seen it happen hundreds of times. No worries.
  15. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    Ive come to the conclusion that snail is eating grit and producing bricks and not as I thought eating the bricks
  16. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    Apple snails have a gill and a lung, as the gill is small it cant supply all the 02 required by the snail so they float to the surface where they use their siphon to take on air this can be seen as a bubble under the shell when completed the snail sinks and goes on its merry way so @jitendrakumr dont push him back under when you see this, it's natural and needs to be done holding him under the water will drown him he needs to take on air
  17. jitendrakumrNew MemberMember

    Yes, I did not push him back down, had just moved to container where he kept floating and in evening I noticed him sitting at bottom of container and then I moved him back to tank. Good news is that this morning I see him moved from where he was in evening so I think he is okay. Regarding eating grit, is this normal? Every other day I drop an algae chip for him which he mostly ignores or eat very little, is there anything else I can get which he will like to eat?
  18. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    As for the grit that's my Welsh humor I'm sorry, although in the animal kingdom some animals do eat grit to help with some digestion as elephants travel 100s of meters into caves to eat salt which they need, as for snails eating grit I dont know but it is possible I'm sure someone will know, here in Wales sheep come to the roads when grit is put down and they eat quite a bit of it, theres a bit of useless information for you