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    What can I do to improve the health of my snail's shells? I got these two apple snails about two months ago and they have been growing so fast. I occasionally feed them betta fish food and algae wafers because there is barely any algae growth in my tank.

    They live with a betta fish and some moss balls.

    When I first got them their shells were bright yellow but now all the new growth is a pale yellow.

    Before (when I bought them 2 months ago)

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    Firstly, I will start the post by saying that I am no expert. However, you don't mention in your post what kind of calcium supplements (if any) you are giving them. Do you give them any foods high in calcium (snail jello with added calcium powder,cuttlebone)? It does look like they have a deficiency which is causing their shell to grow in this way. Other experts may be able to advise. There is a mystery snail care sheet here Mystery Snail Care Sheet.
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    As for all mollusks in general their shell growth is based off of their diet. Dark orange browns come from high protein intake, light cream yellows come from vegetable and algae intake. Since mystery snails (Pomacea brigessii/diffusa or golden Inca snails) are omnivores they require a perfect balance of proteins and veggies in order to maintain a smooth golden hue. The texture of the shell is based off of how much calcium is available and the temperature of your tank, high gh reserves (mostly contains calcium and magnesium) aid in smooth, thick, shiny shell growth but in order to avoid growth lines you must keep a continuous flow of food, calcium and a temp around 75-79 degrees Fahrenheit. In colder temperatures these snails will live longer but this will also slow their metabolism making them inactive causing them to slow growth leading to a thick and lumpy shell. In total here’s what is needed...

    Seachem replenish, calcium powder or wonder shells added to the water

    •An adjustable heater set to a tropical temperature

    •An abundance of fresh veggies and a protein rich algae wafer or crumble, I recommend either Hikari bottom feeder wafers or clay neighbor’s herbivore crumble.
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    Thanks! Very informative. I will definitely go out and get some calcium and make some snail jello.

    I have a heater and it's set at 82 degrees. Could that be why they are growing so fast?
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    I don't use any. I was thinking my water would be hard enough since there's calcium buildup on all my metal kitchenware, but now I know it's not.

    I also have the API test kit, but I haven't been using it since my tank is cycled. However I use the Tetra EasyStripes to make sure everything is stable after each water change.