Snail Question 29 Gallon Tank

  1. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    I have a freshwater 29g tank that I really want to add a snail too. Its a community tank wondering what would be a good choice? All the tank stocking and the parameters are in my info.
  2. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    Mystery/apple snail is what I would get. They are common, easy to get, come in a variety of colors and are easy to keep. They will do fine with any uneaten food they can find, and you can give it veggies from time to time too.

  3. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    That would be very easy to do just one or should I get two? I already feed my plecos fresh zucchini at least once a week if not twice. How big do they come/get? I wouldn't mind getting a couple for my cichlid tank too, I just worry about the cichlids trying to eat them and choking.
  4. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    I would put 1 in the 29, and 2 or 3 at most in the 55. Having more than 1 may result in egg clutches and babies. They lay the eggs above the water line, so keep your eye out for them,

  5. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    thanks, any medications I can't use? I use Jungle Ick Guard when they catch that. Otherwise Pimafix and Melafix for any other problems. Will the snails be ok with those?
  6. Marie1 Well Known Member Member

    I'm not sure about the meds. Maybe someone else can help.
  7. Greececonvict003 Member Member

    Snails are very sensitive to the aquarium salts and any fish medications. They could go die very quick.

  8. TKDennison Member Member

    Snails are super sensitive, be very careful of meds. Top of the list to avoid should be anything with copper!

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  9. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    If you get an apple snail make sure there are no gaps in the lid as they are known to go walkabout
  10. Castiel* Well Known Member Member

    Thanks, good thing to know! I don't know if I'll get one yet still. Almost thinking a shrimp colony in the freshwater tank. Anybody have experience with shrimp? I don't use salt in any of my aquariums, and if I use medications I use melafix and pimafix. Could the shrimp be in my 29g community tank? Info on tank is under my name.