Snail morphs

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    Taitertot Valued Member Member

    I'm doing a China themed 30 gallon with cherry shrimp and 2 fancy goldfish but I want a with China distribution. What colors would a color morph of Malaysian trumpet snails be. And the more preferable option has there been any color variations from Chinese mystery snail (aka Chinese/Japanese trapdoor snail. Even the slightest variation from the wild type would be cool, like lighter or super dark. I know there had been a lot done with mystery snails and ramshorn snails, but mysteries are from south America and ramshorns seem to be everywhere but China.
  2. shelleyd2008

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    Honestly, I think both types of snails are basically just one color, though there are different types of trumpet snails. Some MTS have colored patterns on their shells (red or black lines/zigzags) but they are still basically brown

    Apple snails are from any place with tropical waters.