Snail Home "flower Pot" Of Sorts 5 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by MissNoodle, Aug 24, 2019.

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    I liked these plants but had no room in my current tanks due to having lids lol well, found a crude solution to enjoy these pretty plants

    So ive been cycling a 5gal bin with snails and decided to find a spot for it that cats cant get to it without the lid...

    So its a glorified flower pot with snails living in it. With a sponge filter. But its kinda cute in its crude little way. Gives a fun place to store my extra pest snails lol

    I use horticultural lights in my living room light fixtures for full spectrum lighting for my parrots, so good lights to grow plants.

    Also using it to try to grow out some crystalwort segments. Itd be nice if they grew so i could add them to my tanks, but theyre too small right now and get shoved around in the current and then tangled in hornwort lol

    But how can i make it cuter? Itd be nice if the water hyacinth would flower one day. For now its just getting back in good health since the waves at the river tore the leaves up. If theres anything i could do to help the hyacinth, id love more tips on the plant.

    I doubt theres really any fish options for this tank due to its size and lack of heater, but the snails are happy in it.

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    Ooh, I just realized I could put lilies in the snail bin. This way lies madness, I think, but a good madness and one filled with lilies.

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