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Discussion in 'Snails' started by Monee, May 14, 2019.

  1. Monee Valued Member Member

    I lowered my tank water and I have mystery snail eggs. They have been on my glass for a month. How long does it take for them to hatch?

  2. Canaculus Well Known Member Member

    3-4 weeks. As long as their fertilized.

  3. Monee Valued Member Member

    Is there a way to tell if they are fertilized?

  4. Canaculus Well Known Member Member

    Not really. You'll just have to wait and see.
  5. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Mine usually hatch in 1-2 weeks because I keep my water around 80 and theres lots of humidity. It can take up to a month though, so if the eggs are fertile they should hatch soon. Can you snap a picture?
  6. Monee Valued Member Member

    The last pic is one that appeared this morning   
  7. fjh Well Known Member Member

    How old are each of those clutches?

    If you'd like, I can post pics as my clutches develop. I just hatched one last night (should have snapped a pic but didn't... oh well). One on my snails laid a new clutch this morning and I have another incubating right now. They might give you something to compare it too and a better timeline.
  8. Monee Valued Member Member

    Yes. I would appreciate that. The pic of three are 1 month old. The other was laid this morning.
  9. fjh Well Known Member Member

    All 3 of them are over a month old? My guess is either they werent fertile or died somehow.

    In my pic, the big one was laid this morning and the small one last weekend. Ill post a new picture every few days so you can see the color change etc

    Edit: pic didnt load, added it again 
  10. Canaculus Well Known Member Member

    FYI, you should always leave the eggs on the glass. Better chance of survival.
  11. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Not always true... My snails like to lay the eggs on the hood next to the light, but the light gets really hot and I cant turn it off because of the plants.
  12. Monee Valued Member Member

    Oh. I thought that taking them off the glass was the better thing. They laid some more yesterday. I now have 5 clutches and I took them off this morning to an incubator.
  13. Canaculus Well Known Member Member

    Well, if you can you should always leave them where their layed. Every time I took them off they didn't hatch but when I left them on they hatched everytime. This isn't just my opinion either.

    Could we see some pics?
  14. fjh Well Known Member Member

    huh, thats strange. Are you sure you were providint them with the correct environment? I usually get 90%+ hatch rate whether I remove them or let them stay.
  15. fjh Well Known Member Member

    pic of my eggs from this morning (for comparison). Ill snap a pic every few days for you. 
  16. fjh Well Known Member Member

    Update for the OP
    you can see how mine are starting to darken a bit and getting more grey / less pink.  
  17. Monee Valued Member Member

    I think taking mine out of the tank was a mistake. The one I left on the tank looks like yours but the others don’t.
  18. fjh Well Known Member Member

    It sounds like maybe you werent keeping them humid enough?
    Just before they hatch they will turn grey and blotchy.
  19. Monee Valued Member Member

    Just keep sending pictures please. It is helping me to understand and I appreciate it
  20. gorejusdesign Valued Member Member

    You can float your incubator in your tank to keep warm and mist the eggs with tank water to help not to dry out. Leave them covered for better humidity, give some air once or twice a day. I just hatched two clutches last week in a floating incubator. Hatched in about 15 days. Good luck! :)