snail diseases/intermediate hosts Question

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    is there anyway to tell if a snail i purchase has a disease, or a parasite that could harm my fish? steps on quarantine on a snail, or do i not need to worry about it?i ask this because , sadly the cheapest place near me is a petco.. not my preferred LFS.(i live in a wonderful spot with lots of "corner" fish stores and none of them even have snails):animal0070::animal0070:
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    Snail diseases and problems
    Hello Steed. The link above may help you. As far as acclimating snails, I do the drop and plop. Soak the bag for 1/2 hour and remove them from the bag and place them in the tank. You don't need to dump the water from the bag into your tank. Make sure their shells look nice, no holes. If the snails you purchase are in a community tank check for disease in the fish as well as the snails to be on the safe side. I've never quarantined mine.

    Another link you might enjoy reading: Mystery Snails

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    i have already read both :p but don't state much about parasites, they are coming from a tank with snails and frogs....and sometimes i find dead frogs....(typical petco) can dead frogs cause diseases in the snails? i guess that's my real thing.