Snail Babies. Need Help Asap


I am trying to rapidly research this today and am looking for all help I can get to make sure these babies are cared for properly.

We have a small tank with 4 Tetras and a black racer snail. About 3 weeks ago we added another black racer and a blue mystery snail. It appears the blue mystery was pregnant, even though I was told it was small and just a baby. The babies definitely appear to be blue mystery (although they are mostly transparent and not blue yet), as their shells appear to be tall spirals, and not flat domes like the black racers.

About 12 hours ago I discovered a handful of babies, and just now discovered there is probably close to 20.

I’m not sure if they need to be removed and kept safe in another tank so the Tetras don’t eat them, or if the Tetras are not a threat. Also not sure if there are any other little things I need to know.

I also find it odd we never saw eggs, and have read that they don’t lay eggs underwater. We monitor the tank well and it is in our kitchen so I’m not sure how I could have missed them.

Also, I’m not sure about gestation periods but I would be surprised if it a-sexually reproduced and hatched eggs in just 3 weeks.

Any experienced advice is greatly appreciated.

edit: I added a picture of the “blue mystery snail” which I know believe was actually a blue ramshorn. The Shell is a tal/vertical spiral, not a bulbous dome.


All the pictures look like ramshorns to me. No special care needed to raise the youngsters


Yep, I'd say ramshorns. You wouldn't miss a mystery snail clutch, I promise. It's about an inch thick and two to three inches long and rather hard after the first two days. It takes anywhere from 10-30 days to hatch. Mystery snails do not reproduce asexually, but it a female mates with a male, she can produce clutches for several months afterwards.
A lot of people say ramshorns are awful, but I think they're a pretty neat little clean up crew

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