Snail Attack!

Discussion in 'Snails' started by sammarie, Jul 11, 2015.

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    Hello! This is my first post here, but I've been reading through your forums for about a month now and I've learned so much. I figured it's about time for me to join the community! *terrible pun, I know*

    I started up my first tank recently and have been thrilled every step of the way. I have a 20 gallon long and the beginnings of a happy, healthy community. I started with a few plants, 5 guppies and 3 ghost shrimp. Unfortunately a pond snail found his way in on one of the plants, and it's getting out of hand.

    It started with one very small snail who would disappear and show up again every few days. Come to find out, I was likely seeing multiple snails without even realizing it. About two days ago, I noticed a second snail, then last night my boyfriend called to tell me he found an egg sack. This morning, after a thorough search, I believe there to be at least 4 snails and two egg sacks that I'm aware of.

    Everything I've read so far says that snail killing chemicals don't work, and I'd rather avoid the chemical route anyway. I also don't want to fight fire with fire, so assasin snails are out. What I really want is a snail eating fish, as I was just preparing to expand the community anyway. Unfortunately, I've only seen recommendations for puffers, who are far too aggressive, and loaches who seem to get too large for my tank and prefer a softer substrate (I have dark gravel that I prefer to keep my plants in).

    Long story short, are there any snail eating fish that would do well in a 20 gallon long, community tank?

    Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide! :)
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  3. sammarieNew MemberMember

    That is terrific! I was actually planning on getting dwarf gourami down the line. Thank you!
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    No problem :)

    I recommend that you must only buy one: like bettas, they can get territorial with same species.
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    I would not recommend getting a fish to solve the snail problem especially in a 20 gallon as it isn't big enough for most snail eating fish & ime gourami or Bettas are not snail eaters.
    You could try putting a piece of cucumber or zucchini in & leaving it overnight, in the morning it should have snails on it which you can remove.
    You may need to do that several times & it won't completely rid the tank of snails but will help keep the numbers down, imo a few snails are a good thing as they're part of the clean up crew.

    Edit: forgot to say Welcome to Fishlore :)
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    Oh yeah theres other way, if you dont overfeed there will be lesser snails, overfeed will increase population

    theres chances for them to get eaten although not much but snails also part of cleaning, but too much cause problem.

    yeah i agree that you might wanna upgrade your tank soon.
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  7. sammarieNew MemberMember

    Good to know! Thank you :)

    Thank you! I think I'll still try to dwarf gourami, but may use this tactic in addition. Great alternative to chemicals! :)
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    Have the same problem in two of our tanks. Keeping the numbers down by daily monitoring and removing.

    Made the mistake of placing a new Anubis in a lava rock in the first tank with out checking it out.

    Removed it when the snails showed up in the first tank and placed it in glass for week. Then after no snails placed it the second tank and two days later had snails.

    lava rock and Anubis went in the trash and I won't be buying any more plants from that LFS.
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    Yeah, it's been the plan all along. I guess the snails just wanted to speed up the process :;snail I'll be more careful with the feedings too. Thanks!

    Seems like monitoring and removal will become the new daily chores. I started the tank for a hobby, so no complaints here! :)
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    Kuhli loaches. Beautiful playful fish. And will eat snails. Especially small ones!
  11. Dom90Fishlore VIPMember

    The OP mentioned she doesn't have the right substrate for loaches...

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    Whoops. Missed that...
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    I used to deal with an overpopulation of snails...then I set up a dwarf puffer tank and now I cant keep enough snails around to bolster their picky diet. Oh, the humanity of it all. Lol.

    On the topic though...using veggies or algae wafers to draw them out at night and pick them out works well to help control their population.
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    I agree with the bait and remove bit, especially if you happen to have (or might get) a larger tank with fish that might enjoy the occasional treat of a crushed snail or two; you can even forego the butter/garlic sauce that represents the only snail that I like:). Best to you, and loved your title of the post, Snail Attack (I think I have the Roger Corman movie of that name:) Again, best to you, and welcome to the site. rick
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    Sounds like you are getting lots of good advice here! I just want to say welcome to fishlore !!!! A 20 long is a great size aquarium ! I hope you enjoy the site and the hobby!!
  16. sammarieNew MemberMember

    Thank you ALL so much! I've read up on a lot of forums and this is by far the most supportive and knowledgeable community I have found. I'm glad to be part of it and the hobby! :)
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    Yes, this is most likely the best forum of this kind out there. We all started like you and the great part of this forum is the people here. Sure there are some snarky peeps but in the end they mean well. The greatest part of this hobby is the wealth of wisdom gained that maybe, just maybe many of us do that one little change in our day to day lives to help a better tomorrow.

    So jump on in, get wet and watch the fingers. :)
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    My pair of thicklipped gourami's have went to town on my snail population (came in on some anacharis I bought from my LFS). They won't hunt them like clown or yoyo loaches do but if they happen upon one they get after it.

    My kuhli loaches on the other hand don't seem to pay them any mind. I saw one lay right next to one and then swim off without going after it.