Smudge Spot Corydoras Care Guide


Smudge Spot Cory
(Corydoras similis)

Common names: Smudge Spot Cory, Smudge Spot Corydoras, Smudge Spot Cory Cat, Smudge Spot Catfish, Violet Cory.

Size: 6cm

pH: 5.6-7.0

Tempº: 21ºC - 27ºC

Tank region: Bottom layer

Origin: Brazil

Gender: Mature females are plumper than males.

Notes: The Corydoras genus is ever popular with aquarists because it encompasses over a hundred species of small, peaceful bottom dwelling catfishes. The Smudge Spot Cory is not seen in the Aquarium trade as often as some other Corydoras species, but is usually snatched up by aquarists when available. Inkeeping with the rest of it's genus, the Smudge Spot Cory is a schooling species and thus must be kept in groups to satisfy it's gregarious nature.

The tank should be designed with plenty of plants and caves, as the Smudge Spot can be quite shy at times and needs plenty of retreats. It is also a good idea to use a soft sand substrate for these fishes, as they spend a lot of time foraging on the bottom and thus can damage their delicate barbels on sharper substrates. This species will be quite active given the right conditions, and being an omnivore will take most aquarium foods that reach the tank floor.

Corydoras catfish are incredibly peaceful and this makes them ideal tank mates for all manner of community fish. This species is an unusual but rewarding Corydoras to keep, and is sure to fit into all kinds of community tank.
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