Smooth Replacement Fluval 06 Hoses? Question

Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Larry O'Donnell, Mar 3, 2019.

  1. Larry O'Donnell

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    Hello all,

    Has anyone replaced the intake and outflow hoses for a Fluval 05/06 Series? For some reason, I am getting incredibly bad gunk build up in the stock ribbed hoses, so much so that it's affecting flow and water quality.

    I want to ditch the ribbed hoses, which I hear are just a magnet for this build-up and gunk but am not sure how to change them since the Fluval hoses come with the rubber fittings already attached to the hoses.

    Has anyone else been in my shoes and replaced stock Fluval hoses? If so, what diameter hosing did you use and how did you connect everything back in?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Coradee

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    Giving this a bump up for you hope someone with knowledge of this brand can help today
  3. OP
    Larry O'Donnell

    Larry O'DonnellValued MemberMember

    Thanks Coradee! I spent way too much $$ at my LFS buying a pre-cut piece of 3/4 clear pond tubing yesterday that didnt end up working.

    Although the tank fittings worked with it, it was very difficult to get the lock-nut over the barb, if not impossible. The second issue was when I went to do the loop over the tank, the tube kept collapsing, so if I wanted to do this with my own smooth tubing I'd have to attach them to U-Bend pipes as well. This project is spiraling :(
  4. Islandvic

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    Why do you not want to connect the new hose the the Fluval water discharge "U" piping that goes over the rim?

    I may have solutions to both the hose barb deal and the hose going over tank rim problem.

    Use some automotive hose clamps to help secure the hoses to the barb.

    They Male different kinds. I picked some up from Home Depot, but any hardware store or automotive store has them. If there is a Harbor Freight store near by, they have hose clamp sets with a variety of sizes.

    There are also versions with a twist style end on the screw, so it can be hand twisted tight.

    Just be sure that you dont over tighten the collar, so it doesn't crack the plastic barb.

    Also, regarding your problem with the hose going over the rim, I do remember seeing an individual piece that is an upside down "U" shaped guide for a flexible hose to go up, over and back down the rim. It was a black plastic piece where the hose would be pushed down into the guide and it would allow for the hose to curve without binding.

    I think it was on Drs. Foster and Smith website before their site was shut down and the transition to Petco online went through.

    I am almost sure their Wisconsin facility has not fully shut down yet, because I have noticed certain items from their sister company,, are being shipped from Wisconsin. You may want to look up Live Aquaria customer service and ask them.

    DFS's aquarium hobby product distribution is allegedly shifting over to Live Aquaria and all other pet products is transitioning to Petco.
  5. Islandvic

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    Here you go, is this what you need?

    - Amazon

    - link, and a full line of other Fluval parts.

    Kensfish is great selection on a lot of gear, for very good prices, especially their fish food selection and their private label "Ken's Fish Food" in-house brand. I've tried his sinking pellets and wafers, and will buy again.