Smoky Mountain Aquarium Society weekend 2/18/06 & 2/19/06


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It's that time again! We will be having Brian Revennaugh of Georgia as the guest speaker and he will be talking about plants. The meeting is north of Chattanooga in Sweetwater, TN. We are also planning a possible shopping trip around Knoxville, and possibly a trip to the local knife distributorship (hubby is a knife collector). The link below will probably be added to regularly with items folks will be bringing for sale or trade. Hope to see some of you there! :lol:


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World's Fair at Knoxville TN. The main attraction is the sunsphere...........................
Whats inside?
An information Desk.

So its a choice between Disney Land or Knoxville
Knoxville! Knoxville!
Gentleman I concur.

Sorry another Simpsons moment
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Don't forget the meeting is coming up! There will be food there, and the list of fish and plants available is getting longer:

Solace said:
I'm just doing a copy paste from my local board, but putting these up here to see if anyone is interested in a buy/trade.

Ceratophyllum demersum aka Hornwort let me know how many pounds you want.
Java Moss
F1 Hypselecara temporalis Fry small .5-1" $2.00 each
F2 Labeotropheus trewavasae (Maleri) Line produces OB Males 1-2" $4.00 each
F1 Sciaenochromis ahli's 1-2" $5.00 each. NOT Sciaenochromis fryerI these are the real ahli's.
Copadichromis azureus 2-3" Males showing color have had one young female holding (is now) $3.00 each
Honduran Redpoint fry .5-1" $3.00 each

Gunnie said:
I have some anacharis I will be bringing in bunches of 6. :wink:
AquaticEnterprises said:
Been focusing a lot more on marine species lately, so no freshwater ready at this point. Anyone with a salt tank, I have plenty of coral frags to bring with, ranging from simple to difficult.
wrenchpuler said:
Finally got a chance to sit down and let everyone know what we will be bringing, or at least what is available:

G. MoorI - nearly 1"
A. Ngara Flametail - 1"+
A. JacobfrebergI "Mamalea" - 1"
P. NyerereI "RutI Island" - 1"+
NdewI Blue Fire Fin - 1"+
A. Calleptera - nearly 1"

All of these are F1's except for the NyerereI and they are F?????

We will also have available a bunch of plants.

Dwarf Chain Sword
Guppy Grass
Red Temple
Two types of Swords
Asian Combomba
varigated rotalla? Not sure on this one. It's pretty rare, came from Sing.
a grass that only gets about 1.5 - 2" tall
and some others we'll just bring along....LOL

We are downsizing due to the business we are opening Thursday. We will go through our fishroom this weekend and decide what we are keeping and what will be available. I'll post up the breeding groups available then.

Jake and Carol
Gunnie said:
I am planning on being at this one! It's never too early to start making plans. I assume it will be at the same place which is the in Sweetwater, TN? I can't wait! :wink:
Gunnie said:
Okay, reservations are made! Mention that you are there for the club meeting, and the rate is $58.00. :wink:
Hope to meet some of you! :wink:

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