Smokey Water

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    gsg623 New Member Member

    After months of no problems I now have what looks like "smokey water".No matter what I do I cant seem to correct it. water parameters are all good,temp at 76-78.Doing 60% w/c weekly.Today I wrapped the tank to block ANY LIGHT after I turn out the light in the tank.(light stays on no more than 6-7 hrs a day). :;dk :;dk :;dk
  2. iloveengl

    iloveengl Well Known Member Member

    Is it cloudy? That's usually a bacteria bloom. Are you experiencing a mini-cycle? Do you maybe have a dead body or piece of veggie hiding and rotting somewhere? If it's bacteria bloom, then cloaking it really won't make a difference (not like algae). It will clear up and go away on its own. Maybe you're changing too much water each week and it's triggering mini-cycles? Are you gravel vacuuming heavily?