Smiley Update!

  1. Skyy2112

    Skyy2112 Member Member

    Our BloodParrot Cichlid. (American right?)



    Hope you enjoyed. =]

    Currently being fed cichlid mini pellets, and bloodworms, housed w/ two small firemouths, and a fill back rockwall in a 40g B.

    Any questions ask! I know a 40 is small, Smiley will be rehomed to a 75g within a year. =]

  2. B

    BrokerTamara Member Member

    I love Blood Red Parrots as they are so friendly. Great fish and tons of personality. I had three in 55 gallon and now in 90gallon with sump. I have one Pinky is 9 years old. I also feed peas to clean out their system and they like it.