Small White Wriggly Worms

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    Ramkumar New Member Member

    I see small white wriggly worms (less than a cm) in my aquarium when I was changing water and disturbed the substrate a little. I never vaccum or disturb the substrate due to fear of disturbing the bacterial colony or the eco system but during water change it accidentally disturbed the substrate and noticed these small worms. Are they detrimental to the aquarium? Should I need to do something about it?

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  2. Willed

    Willed Valued Member Member

    Might be detritus worms, but I’m no expert! This should be its own sub forum lol
  3. Gypsy13

    Gypsy13 Well Known Member Member

    Hubby thinks detritus worms too. Mine turn pink cause my guppies don’t eat the pink flakes. The corys love when I deep clean my gravel. Feeding time at the zoo!
  4. OP

    Ramkumar New Member Member

    Thanks a lot, nothing to be worried about then.
  5. finnipper59

    finnipper59 Well Known Member Member

    The detritus worms themselves are can even eat them. But you really should vacuum the bottom of your tank each time you do a water change. Normal bacteria needed for cycling won't all be carried away, but the build up of detritus can lead to fungal or mold problems down the road.