Small white particles floating to water surface


Hello everybody!

Brand new here and I need some help with my water. So, I kept reading about polyfill and how it makes your water crystal clear. I thought I'd take it a step further and purchase Imagitariun filter fiber. Cut a piece off and stuck some behind my filter cartridge (Aqueon quietflow 20). Immediately I noticed all the fibers coming into my water, even some small threads. Naturally I took the fiber out right away and i changed the cartridge.

A week later with many water changes and the addition of a Fluval filter sponge on the intake, and a Fluval filter foam insert, I have these small particles and I honestly dont know if it's still from the filter fiber or something else.

Last water change was a little over 24hrs ago. Tested water today - 0ppm ammonia, 0ppm Nitrite, 0ppm Nitrate (which also has me confused)
10 gallon tank with 1 Betta, 3 Neon tetra, 2 Red stripe tetra, and a small albino.

Only fed 1 very small amount since last water change.

Thanks for any help in advance.



Hey, I'm not too sure about your issue with the "filter fiber" but I just wanted to reach and let you know if you are getting 0 nitrates its most likely a false reading. You need to shake the nitrate bottle A LOT as instructed. Make sure the bottles aren't expired either.
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