Small swordtail or platy


I bought more platies last week and I am very certain one of my girls is not a platy. She is really long for a platy and has faint horizontal orange stripes on her body which make me think she's a sword-cross. She's only maybe 1/8 in longer than the biggest new platy but I'm sure they're all going to grow bigger. I bought her knowing she's probably a cross because I accidentally bought a cross male and I want to give some girls to harass but the platies I feel are to small. I know he would harass them but he's a good 1/4 inch bigger than my adult female platy (100% platy).
Also if anybody's wondering, the platies are going in a mutt platy tank because I like looking and making mutts. I just prefer to keep the percent of actual platy as high as possible... I still love my cross species mutts though! I just don't intentionally make them... but since I have them I might as well let them mingle...
If you need (or want) more pics I will take them tomorrow.



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