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Discussion in 'Ponds' started by Zarar Sattar, Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Zarar SattarNew MemberMember

    Hey, I live in California and I was wondering what I could stock in a small pond? It's ab0ut 30-40 gallons? The weather outsides drops to ~40 degrees Fahrenheit at the lowest. Any ideas would greatly be appreciated.
  2. Madeline PetersonValued MemberMember

    Goldfish are your best bet. It's too small for koi, and most other pet fish don't do well with temperature fluctuations.

    To figure out how many you can add, find the surface area of your pond in square inches and divide by 6.

    Divide this total by 4. That is approximately the number of fish you can add at a time. Add this number. Then, every day after you feed them, test the water. The ammonia levels will go up, and then they will go down as the nitrite levels go up. Finally, the nitrite levels will go down as the nitrate levels go up. Once the nitrite levels reach 0, add the next batch of fish. Keep doing this until you reach the maximum number of fish.

    I'd start with the large goldfish. The smaller ones will grow, but that takes time, and I, personally, don't like to wait.
  3. Milliemae124Valued MemberMember

    You could do some guppies in there. I have also heard of people having gold cloud mountain minnows in their ponds :)
  4. trainandfishguyValued MemberMember

    don't know where you are in Cali but some of the Petcos around my area (Pasadena) have minnows. Think they sell them for like 30 cents.
  5. Triston WasmundWell Known MemberMember

    Guppies won’t survive those temperatures and influx in temp changes. I would know
  6. GoldiemomWell Known MemberMember

    I'd watch the goldfish. If you put in comet, common, or shubunkin you can do 2 max. Perhaps some mosquito fish???
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2018
  7. Triston WasmundWell Known MemberMember

    I know what you could do!!! Rosy red minnows. They are only 14 cents a piece at Petsmart. Unless your not in to those kinds of things, you don’t have much other options
  8. maggie thecatWell Known MemberMember

    Rosies are great, but they also tend to come riddled with bonus parasites. I would suggest if you go with them (and you should. They are attractive and vibrant critters.) to take the time to run them through a round of worming with something like Paraguard to eliminate any hitchhikers.

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