Small Pond Fish Stocking Ideas

Discussion in 'Pond Fish' started by RWP0505, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. RWP0505Valued MemberMember

    I'm getting a small pond
    Ideas for fish?
  2. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    How small? Outside or inside? Dimensions? Will it freeze in the winter?
  3. RWP0505Valued MemberMember

  4. Bruxes and BubblesWell Known MemberMember

    I'll need to know answers to the other questions too. I can't recommend anything unless I know what exactly I'm dealing with stocking.
  5. ChelseaLinNew MemberMember

    Common, comet, and shubunkin goldfish are what I have in my pond. Koi are hardy as well but more pricey. I personally don't advise goldfish and koi together, although I know people who do, their offspring when goldfish/koi mate is usually sterile and can be funny looking :* personal preference though

    Goldfish need about 20gal for goldfish #1 + 10gal for every goldfish after that. Keep in mind the fish will mate if you have males and females so the more space you have the better if you want to keep any babies!!!

    If you live in an area that freezes over winter and your pond is less than a couple feet deep (I live in CT) make sure you buy submerging heaters to keep your pond from freezing all the way through and give fish have space under the ice to stay alive. They will go dormant but still need space under the ice! Also buy floating de-icers to keep holes in the ice for toxic gasses to be released and for oxygen get to the fish. The fish don't eat when water gets too cold but they still produce gas that can't get trapped under water with them all winter

    If the pond freezes all the way through your fish are dead. If there's no openings in the ice and toxic gasses build up they're dead. Heaters and deicers are crucial in freezing climates for outdoor ponds :)

    I've heard of people keeping Plecos with pond fish for algea control but that's tricky. Plecos can get a taste for fish slime and cause serious damage to the fish by removing their slime coat leaving them susceptible to illness and disease. I suggest a wonderful filter with UV sterilizer and live plants like water hyacinths or water lettuce instead of algea eaters.
    Best of luck!
  6. Ella S.New MemberMember

    Id suggest keeping goldfish in a species pond with only other goldfish, they should have atleast 70 gal to grow to maturity

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